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Right to life

The bible condones abortion and actually instructs priests to perform it on adulterous women.

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Same-sex couples begin tying the knot


There are literally dozens of countries with gay marriage, some having it for more than 30 years and non of your over-dramatic hysteria has come true or is even on the verge of coming true in any of them.

Your soundbite is simply fluff without any real basis whatsoever.

You are not credible.

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Specter party switch leaves Brownback 'stunned'

I feel switching parties should be forbidden while holding office as it betrays the voters.

That being said, I do not see this as a victory for the Dems as much as a damning conviction of the failure and implosion of the extreme right of the party. They have torn their party apart and have failed themselves and America.

Instead of learning from their tragic errors, they continue to try and cling to hot-button issues and sound-bites and remain out of touch with the American People.

Megan McCain had it right, ..to paraphrase, it is a matter of staying a dinosaur or joining the 21st Century, and unless they realize how to represent mainstream America, they will continue to dwindle in numbers.

I know there will be a swing back, and I think there should be. I prefer a more balanced House and Senate personally as the government should not govern from the right nor the left, but should reflect the majority of the people who fall somewhere inbetween.

Once the dinosaurs die, as I believe they are too ignorant to learn, things will balance out again.

but those darn Palins keep breeding (out of wedlock)

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Senate approves Sebelius nomination

There are always 20% that could care less about truth...they need sides because that is the easy way out...they let someone think for them.

So the Rush Limbaughians can continue to repeat lies because it is easier than forming an opinion.

However, in doing so, they fail America and are a bigger threat to the power and wonders of this country than Al-Quada could ever be.

They are traitors to the very foundation of what America stands for, they choose to be robots in the land of the free-thinkers.

They are the weakest of Americans, to have sides and not values.

They have failed, and under any moniker, treanched is among the worst failures and traitors alongside righthinker and marion.

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Same-sex couples begin tying the knot

Marriage was not even a matter of church interest until the 14th century.

That was the decision of a man, not God to change that. Before that it was a civil matter controlled by local governments.

My feeling, is if you want to be a Christian Supremecist, then renounce your American Citizenship because you are a traitor to our country.

And you should also renounce God because you are a traitor to Christianity to preach hate in his name.

In fact, there really is little bigots have to offer anyone except as bad examples of miserable failed little people.

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Senate approves Sebelius nomination


It is pretty evident that the now defunct but still squeeling Bush administration is culpable for the worst economic crisis since the great Depression,
but if it makes you feel better to blame it on someone else, then this is still a free country and you are still free to be a liar.

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Do you think torture is an acceptable form of interrogating prisoners?

If we do what they do, what makes us different from them?

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2 swine flu cases confirmed in one family in Kansas

Marion, you referred to the I-70 corridor and that was wrong...if you were a man instead of a racist, you would just say..oops, I goofed...but you are too weak.

Here in Peru they are urging us NOT to go to the states and promising questioning of people who come from infected countries.

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Student robbed in broad daylight

Marion (Marion Lynn) says…
Beabachter/Observer/ObservAr is more concerned about his/her/its definition of “racism” than public safety.


Interesting comment coming from the resident Holocaust Denier

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The author is a true patriot.

It is a shame to see so many traitors to America that want us to become who we despise.

Once again, they have failed America.

Those in the USA that support torture are a bigger threat to America and what we stand for than Al-Quada could ever be.

I spit on American traitors

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