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Disability advocates cheer new federal guidelines on school sports

so, KUSP8 does not see a problem with keeping the folks with disabilities in the sidelines because they can do other things? I would imagine susp8 would give them some glue and crayons and glitter and paper and tell them how lucky they are. Personally, I see full access to society as goal for advancement and with an ultimate result of persons with disabilities who are more socially inclined, more independent and more ready for the work place, meaning less public assistance.

Meaning SRJ feels that while our nation can afford to give oil companies close to a billion dollars in subsidies in face of record profits, we can not afford a few million to include the excluded even though in the long run it is a positive investment in our society.

You two are beautiful.

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Lawrence police issue 31 seat belt citations in special enforcement

it is not a business transaction, it is a public safety issue. However, if you want to do the math, do ALL of it. How much money does it cost you and me in increased insurance premiums when someone without a seat belt has an accident as they are much more likely to suffer serious damage or death. If they do die, our tax dollars could very well be supporting their family.

of course, if the life saved is your sibling, significant other, parent or what have you, would it be worth it to you then?

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Is there an issue that would convince you to run for a City Commission or school board position?

To keep the "intellegent design" idiots off the school board.

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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer


I stick with facts over emotions and the facts show that the more guns, the more people get shot with guns.

Anything else is hyperboly, emotional outburst or dishonest.

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South Middle School sixth-graders raise $500 for hurricane relief

Interesting enough, while Kansas Children are concerned and saving their pennies to help American disaster victims, Roberts, Moran and 31 other Republicans voted against disaster relief for the region.

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Letter: NRA proposal

Recent polls have suggested that the NRA is not even representing the majority of their base who are now willing to discuss some limitations on heavy weaponry.

If a kid throws a rock, lets give everyone rocks.

Stupid, just plain stupid.

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More swine flu deaths, cases confirmed

Godot can never be trusted to tell the truth..

and Marion Holocaust deniar Lynne is known to be..well, rather hysterical.

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Should police be allowed to stop a vehicle because passengers aren't wearing seat belts?

It is clearly documented that when people do NOT wear their seatbelts, and have accidents, their injuries are worse.

The result:

Higher insurance rates for both cars and health insurance

A greater chance that the injured or deceased family will go on some form of public assistance, increasing my tax burden

greater chance ambulance or more police will be required to respond to the scene of the accident, leaving them unable to address other problems.

same goes for motorcyclists who will not wear helmets..they see it as their freedom, but they end up costing me more money and I want to be free of their debts.

Ticket the heck out of them.

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Protesters complain about staffing issues at Haskell dorms

I was really excited when Dr. Warner took over Haskell as I thought she was the woman to breath new life into Haskell and take it to the next step.

In a way she has, she has failed so completely as a leader that many students are now up in arms fighting to protect and repair the damage she has done the school.

It shows that good ideas does not always equate to good leadership.

It is time for her to resign and allow Haskell to begin to heal the wounds she has created within the school and the community at large.

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Prosecuting past presidents is poor precendent

No one is above the law..that is the foundation of this country.

Those that wish bush were above the law are traitors as much as Benedict Arnold and do more to deteriorate American freedom than does Al-Quada.

Traitors, I spit on you.

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