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Would you make a Web site for your pet?

I would not make a web site for my cat but I'm pretty sure he has his own page but as long as he maintains it himself and pays his own bills then who am I to say he can't?

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Assuming KU defeats Lehigh, which team would you rather see the Jayhawks face in the second round?

i have yet to understand why those that don't care are always the first (and second) to make comments. ..

.ah but BruceWayne 'number3of5 " really could care less" so I guess that means that she/he must sort of care then, correct? Now if 'he/she would have said "I really couldn't care less" I would give more credence to his / her comment.

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Anna Undercover Mini-Blog: Old Guys & Young Guys

Lol, what you would have hated Anna is to lose out on that 60 plus dollars you wouldn't have gotten when the horny sweet-faced 19 year old *kid* realized that you didn't remember his name and that he meant absolutely nothing to you. Poor dude. Oh well, I am sure that you are familiar with the adage, "A sucker is born every minute."

Oh just give it a rest Dena!

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Eudora, Basehor homes catch fire Thursday

I thought your comment was funny, jackpot.

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives": An update

I vote for Free State. Yes, I know it doesn't technically fit the 'D, D & D theme but it used to be a bus station and eating and/or drinking in a bus station could be considered sort of divey. Not to mention drinking beer out of a to go bottle could also be considered a dive.......
Yep I just love FSB and would like to see it get recognition.

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The old stone at Stony Point

I love this story, thank you for sharing.

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User Names (UserNames) - Why are you who you are?

Aisling is from a Shane MacGowan song and I love the imagery of the song. My avatar is also a reference to Ireland and the images and memories from my last trip make me smile.

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Man arrested for aggravated battery after fight at party

yeah bearded_gnome, haven't you ever heard of “facial laceration rayfield”

Thanks for the 'dork laugh' erck85

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roe, roe roe that was comic genius

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