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Town Talk: Lawrence's efforts to land Mars; mini-golf not in K-10 course's immediate future; home sales, building permits struggle in May

is eagle bend only changing prices for the 5th or is that going to be the new price? They are nearly the same price as alvamar now, which is nicer and more convenient for most.

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Deal near for KU Coach Bill Self to donate $1 million for new west Lawrence recreation center

The east Lawrence center is actually really nice. I play basketball there and at the community building. Both are kept very clean and are highly used. The community building could be larger, but look at it's location. It would be impossible to expand that building. The town is growing west for sure, and there is nothing relatively close for anyone on that side of 15th. Any children/teens on the west side of town will have a hard time finding their way to a free facility. It will provide a location for the youth summer camp program as well. Just because some families incomes are higher than others, does not mean that they shouldn't be benefiting from facilities like this. Their tax money is at use too, so why should they be left out of having something closer to home. Also saying that only wealthy people would use it is foolish. That would be like saying only poor people use the east Lawrence or community building. There are plenty of people I know who utilize both of those facilities for City League sports, lifting weights, or just simply exercising. In all honestly I would rather the money go here than the new library, as it would get a lot more use from the community. Not to mention this would be a great asset for holding youth tournaments/games on this side of town for a change. I'm not sure how much revenue some of the bigger youth basketball tournaments could bring in, but I'm sure you could put that money towards paying for the facilities expenses.

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Hearing continued in U.S. 24-59 fatality

lock this clown up, dirtbags like this shouldn't be in the service, nor in our community.

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Town Talk: Dillons releases renderings of Mass. Street proposal; Farmland cleanup about to begin; bank sues Lawrence business group over Topeka deal; Hawks Pointe Apartments sold

because you went down there at night on a Friday, when every college student is out getting drunk. During the day, during the week, it is nearly empty, which is when the spots would need to be utilized.

I have no preference really, just sharing what I know.

The spaces as I understand are going to be used for employees, not residents, but I could be mistaken. The building on 7th and NH will be for the FM headquarters, not an apartment building that it has been referred to.

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New policy on gays could devastate military

Well thanks for your service #1...

I can only imagine things have changed a lot since your time Even if you retired mil, you wouldn't have seen the DADT more than likely.

They may contact others, but they did not for me, I know that. All the clearances go through the same place, but they give out Secret clearances to just about everyone now. That's probably why it is not as strict... but just a guess.

You don't really chose the names, that was a mistake, you fill out a history dating back 10 years, but you still know everything you put on it.

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New policy on gays could devastate military

do you not remember when they pull you into a room at MEPS, alone, with a civilian and ask you if you're gay? And then explain if you are, do not tell anyone, and you will not be asked? Have you even been to MEPS or are you basing this off everything you pull from google?

You can be openly gay before you come into the military, and still be commissioned as an officer in any branch of the service. You SIMPLY can not tell anyone, and you will not be asked unless you make your lifestyle choice known.

You can not be discharged for something you've done in your past, not until you swear into the military does your sexual preference matter. For example a "straight man" man/woman may have had a single experience w/ the same sex one time, it could be found out on the background investigation, but they still would be permitted into service.

When you go through that background investigation... sometimes no one is even contacted. That was the case for me when I received my Secret Clearance. You chose the names that go on that investigation... It goes back 10 years only.

You are confused on the background investigation clearly.

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New policy on gays could devastate military

You sir are very misinformed. Do you know what a JTac is? How about a Pararescueman? How about a CCT... Combat Controller... all of which are special forces that work along side seals, rangers, and green berets for certain. What branch are they? Air Force.... You clearly are spouting off about other branches you know nothing about... like the typical soldier who really never knew anything other than what his CO or direct superior told him.

Openly gay in HS come back on his background investigation? ARE YOU FREAKING STUPID, obviously you are spouting off w/ opinions and not FACTS? I know guys/gals whom were openly gay w/ TOP SECRET clearances. Keep digging that hole.

You are so dumb you completely missed the point of Eric Alva... then you insult him w/ your lack of facts. You nor I know if he was walking point... the least effective also is not always put in the front. You were probably a terrible Sgt who was always to scared to lead, so you followed like a coward.(Is that fair for me to say? of course by your ignorant theory it is).

You are obviously stupid, arrogant, and don't care enough to seek out truth.

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New policy on gays could devastate military

i understand plenty well, but you can still deny it. Maybe you should read my previous post which clearly outlines my opinion.

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New policy on gays could devastate military

I understand your point, but you need to know that gays are not banned from the military. They simply are requested to not tell, and they will not be asked if they are gay.

I hope that some of these people take the time to read my post, but I fear taht I was too late and no one will listen, or will be too fearful to reply.

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New policy on gays could devastate military

Some people in this argument are so blind. There are plenty of gays serving in "combat" not "flying a desk" that are doing their job and doing it well. I did not bother to read all of the comments... to much time

Maybe you should educate yourselves. I am a Vet, have worked alongside gays/lesbians, and they did not effect unit cohesion, effectiveness, morale, or anything. Guess what, gays live w/ the troops now and shower w/ them and all that BS that guys come up w/. With a new policy they would no longer be living in the same close quarters... so how is that worse for the homophobes?

Do a little research... many of you sound like fools.

Guess who was the first injury during OIF? A gay man... a man who says he peers knew he was gay, and it did not change the way they felt about him, or how much they trusted him. His name is Eric Alva, a medically retired US Marine. He had his leg blown off by a land mine in Iraq the first day of ground invasion.

How about in WWII when an openly gay man named William Pahlmann became a Lt. Col, and director of the camouflage school and designed uniforms? Do you understand how his skills allowed the protection of high value assets from being bombed?

How about the fact that we serve alongside more than 10 countries that allow their service men/women to serve openly gay. Do a little research before you spout off. Guess what, when you serve, you swear to obey the orders of officer appointed over you... FOREIGN or Domestic. That's right, US military members take orders from openly gay service members w/out the blink of an eye.

DADT causes more problems than good most likely... but of course that is opinionated and not fact.

To say that being openly gay would prevent these things is simply ignorant. The military claims to be an Equal Opportunity Employer... but they discriminate based on sexual preference...hypocrite much?

You also seem to forget that DADT has only been around since 1993... it's not like it has been around forever... policies need adjusted over time, and now is a good time to make a change. Tell me something great that came from the early 90's anyhow (joke)

The original Author is trying to play off opinions as fact, and has shown that his personal opinions have gotten in the way of his journalism. Creating fallacies throughout the article. Not all "religious soldiers" or chaplains believe homosexuality is a sin. That is his OPINION! Also the opinion of McCain saying there will be an early exit of troops because of this... that is another fallacy. Troops are predominately leaving early because they are treated poorly, underpaid, under appreciated, and the knuckleheads are being promoted at the same rate as the good soldiers.

It's fine for everyone to have their opinion, and they should all be heard, but at least try and base it on facts.

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