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Free State High fall sports at a glance

As a former player, and as a witness to the coaching of not only Coach Lisher, but also the coaching staff, I want you to know that your criticism is not only unmerited, but cowardly.
Not everyone's going to be perfect, nor are they going to call the plays that you wanna call. Coach Lisher for instance, is the offensive coordinator, and is therefore not in charge of the defensive play-calling.
Instead, next time you decide to be a heckler, why don't you count your blessings and the limitations that were placed on not only practices, but also in the 4 years that other school districts are allowed to participate in football for (starting in 9th grade as compared the Lawrence schoold districts).
Not only do your comments anger me, but it also shows your lack of knowledge on what was working for the team, and while Coach Lisher is he head coach, there is also a defensive coach that i'm sure would field your questions better than an online blog. Because, if you feel that strongly, why not go to the source, instead of being an online mercenary?!

And, as a member of that 2006-2007 Free State Football team, though I wish the outcome had been different, I regret nothing.

Yes, we had all the talent in the world, but we were not unified enough to play together as a team that game; there were people looking out for themselves. I believe that hindered us much more from the get-go than the fact that their game plan's effectiveness.

But go ahead, if you feel that strongly, call Free State, and get his extension.
Otherwise, leave those negative and practically disrespectful comments to yourself.
They don't help anybody.

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Trouble with truancy

I am in college, and I was in perfect attendance except for two days througout junior high school until i graduated from High School.
My age matters very little.
However the fact that just because a child attends the class doesn't mean they're getting anything out of it.
Look at it like this, you choose the things you want to learn and those you don't, that's human nature.
However, being forced into anything just creates hostility and a rebellious reactions/feelings towards those who are forcing them to do so.
Class isn't getting easier; rather harder.
History's getting longer and more detail enriched, math techniques are being revised and updated, and there's something new in Chemistry and Physics every day.
My parents would've made me go to school, but I liked going there.
But it's more than just a academic education. Everyday you discover something in the social world. Wither it was different ways of interacting, or new or surprising things we found out in or on the news, I felt like High school was more of a social learning environment.

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Trouble with truancy

I think that you all might be forgetting that back when many of the now parents were students in high school the rules were very very slack. Things from pranks, absences, and other lax codes of conduct.
Kids today do not need to be restrained anymore than you all did back then. Doing that will just invoke more intense rebellions from the students.
It just doesn't make any sense for teachers and those associated with the school to tell us to work for independence, to reach out, nor to try and discover who each one of us (students) are as people when we are being constricted each and every way we turn.
Realize that the most compelling and ingenius people to ever walk this earth were not the best in the beginnings of their educations.
While it is true that we as students need to accept a general and vast foundation for our future educations in college or specialized colleges. However, forcing rules on top of the rising expectations of youth will eventually hinder instead of propel them into success.
As a high school student, I came to realize that wither we were forced into a class, a way of acting, or against a way of doing something had a signifigant affect on wither I would take it later on in life.
This from a football player, choir member, and band student as well as S.T.A.T (Students Teaching Against Tobacco), Bullies 2 Buddies, FYI, Student Council, and proud graduate of Free State High School.
Be careful to judge or enforce rules unless you would undergo them, or would have when you were in high school.
Therefore the reaction will be no surprise to you; negative or positive.

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Officers work to rid stores of crude drug pipes

there are many problems with how society and media teach teens nowadays to act and what's normal behavior.
However, the fact that our elders are making an effort to clean up the world must be for a good reason. And therefore, those people that are caught up in that lifestyle will have to try harder or finally realize that it's not a healthy lifestyle.
I've been around drug dealers, pot-heads, and other drug addicts, and also people who lie, cheat, and steal.
All of which are as bad as the other, but when drugs begin affecting the people around the user, action must be taken.

Besides, there are many other things in which we are concerned about, but the teens of today are the future leaders of tomorrow, pot heads or not.

I am thankful for those who still care enough about all people; especially young people, enough to make such an effort to make a difference and let us young guns now that that kind of lifestyle will change your life. Not in a good way, but in a way that when you're older and looking back, you'll ask yourself why you didn't listen, because you could've been so much more.....

Thank you Officers, from those who Believe in what you're doing to right the wrongs of the past and present, and hopefully not the future!

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Blacks must accept progress

first of all Dolly,
I am half black half white (to my best knowledge), and I am still persecuted and was called a Nigga walking home from school in fourth grade by a group of all white college students.
So open your eyes,
Yes, he is half white,
but he is also half black.
In this case the fact that he too has been persecuted and discriminated against because he appears to be a fully black man. (he's just has light skin which is not uncommon)
I don't know why your cultural ignorance is as prominent as it is, but I am sorry that you didn't learn anything during Black History month in school. Cuz even though African-American history doesn't get the props and the teaching time as, "U.S. and American" (White) History does throught out education starting in elementary school if not earlier!

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Victory denied

SM West was not better,
I was on Free State's team, and we were better in just about every aspect.
We dominated them and ultimately ourselves.

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