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ACLU asks Lawrence schools to suspend mentoring program

The end result of ACLU not getting involved: girls (to use your words) "who need mentoring not getting it and most likely not reaching their full potential as they enter adulthood". So it's a waste of resources to ensure all students have equal access to this program, but if it's boys missing out then it's a problem? Not following your logic here. Wait, nevermind, I'm asking to much for the comment section of the internet.

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ACLU asks Lawrence schools to suspend mentoring program

No, Clara, not really:

but to actually comment on the point of this article and not KU sports, glad to see action is being taken in regards to this.

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Longtime resident laments plans to build five-story apartment building along three sides of her home

The article doesn't say she turned down the original offer. It actually says she was open to the original offer of $700,000 and still is open to an offer.

As for being slow to move on the deal/not finalizing...let's consider that she's spent the duration of her life and marriage there, raised their kids...I can imagine not wanting to leave a home that holds so many memories. Plus, being an elderly woman navigating a huge offer from an unfamiliar company is probably very daunting.

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Frigid temperatures delay school buses, leaving some students in the cold

Yikes! Poor kiddos. Hope this doesn't happen again. I imagine not all the kids were able to find a warm place to wait.

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Psychology professor Stephen Ilardi chosen as KU's 2014 HOPE Award winner

Ilardi's book has been life changing for so many! Glad to hear he's received this award too.

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Former domestic violence offender, drug abuser details how he turned life around

I'd say if his ex-wife, who this story states was a direct victim of his abuse, can find it in her to forgive him and accept that he has changed, why couldn't we? Isn't the prison system based on the idea that people can change and be rehabilitated? I'm not saying it usually does a good job of that, but I agree that this article is refreshing, in that it profiles someone who decided to make changes in their life for the better. He's reaching out to others who may have a similar past, showing them it is possible to change. That gives people who may be in a bad place some hope that they can make themselves better too.

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How safe is your school: Bullying and school violence in Lawrence

Please do not try to swing this issue to me when I was not the one suggesting the child in this article was getting what he deserved. I can clarify, to the above "loaded" statement. When saying "anyway possible" , it was in regards to this child needing to verbally defend himself or be on the emotional defense with others. Specifically the situation in which you alleged the child in this article called you a lesbian over a video game. I thought my reference to his "smart tongue" as you called it, indicated this. My apologies for the confusion. Speaking of confusion, I'm confused as to how being called a lesbian is considered an insult but that is neither here nor there. I find it ridiculous that I need to say this, but I obviously do not support a child using any form of violence to extract revenge on someone as you are suggesting I said.

"Maybe this young man has over used his rude comments about other peoples moms and needed an attitude adjustment... I get that the school grounds are the wrong place to work it out. But where and when is the right place to shut down mouthy boys... Sometimes kind words don't work and the "old school" tactics NEED to come to play... I believe that more facts need to come to light before the 'aka' victim gets a free pass in this incident..."

^^This is a direct quote from your original comment. I do believe that "needed an attitude adjustment" "...where and when is the right place to shut down mouthy boys" and "...the "old school" tactics NEED to come to play" all indicate that your opinion is that this boy was just getting what he deserved. (Based on your alleged encounter with him calling you a lesbian) I do not appear to be the only one who got this from your comment, based on other comments. This is terribly sad and why I felt the need to indicate I do not condone children being assaulted, regardless of what they may say to upset someone. As I said in my original comment, that's not how the real world works.

The school definitely bears the brunt of the responsibility to address the bullying issue as they are responsible for keeping our children safe (or not, in this scenario) when we are not supervising them. Better interventions need to be in place, in my opinion.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

I assumed so! Was wondering if RS had any other explanation...thanks for the additional information. Judaism makes far more sense to me than Christianity.

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Letter: Bill reaction nonsense

My point was that it seems as though topics such as religion, abortion, gay rights are "hot button" issues that most people (in my experience) have unwavering opinions on. I've yet to see someone change their religious views, for example, based on Internet forum comments. I suppose that doesn't mean it can't happen. It seems just as likely that you are going to convince me to become Christian as it is that I would convince you to be an atheist. Is anyone really going to have some piece of logic that will suddenly change your views and opinion on this bill? Probably not, I am guessing, since I cannot imagine anything that would cause me to suddenly change my views and opinions either. We are all talking ourselves in circles.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle


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