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Kobach touts success of Kansas photo ID law

No thanks from this house. Did you REALLY read the quote?

"I think the photo ID requirements are going very smoothly, in fact smother than I expected," Kobach said.

As it was written in the Journal World, Kobach has a plan to smother votes! I just read it See what the right-wingers really want to do?

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Here's what Wescoe Beach looks like, as of Thursday. Think more benches, fewer concrete planters. Tr

Bottom left of the Wescoe Beach photo: I love the little opening for rodents! They've thought of EVERYTHING!

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Statehouse Live: Echo accusations reverberate in 2nd Congressional District race

Scott Rothschild has nothing to say.
Lynn Jenkins is a Republican. She endorses GOP policies and actions.
Tobias Schlingensiepen is a Democrat, and says things one would expect from a Democrat.

Each candidate says to the other, in effect, "You echo your party." This is news? Is this ALL you can find to write about this race, Mr. Rothschild?

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Organizer moves Christian workshop from Kansas House

"If they were promoting all religions, that would be one thing, but they're only promoting Christianity."

I disagree. "Promoting all religions" is still promoting RELIGION. It's unconstitutional. How could it NOT be promotion of religion, if you are going to suggest that even more religious groups use Kansas state property in this way?

Look, you are already discriminating against certain varieties of Islam. You surely know that THAT ain't right.

We need not only freedom OF religion, we need freedom FROM religion!

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Brownback says Republican voters made 'clear statement' in support of conservatives during primary

G R A D U A T E D i n c o m e t a x e s !
Kansans CAN afford that kind of taxation. Fair taxation!
THESE TAXES are needed for programs that assist Kansans in the lower-income brackets, children, old folks. It is the duty of our citizens to levy fair taxes. It is fair that these taxes be collected.
It is simply WRONG for the Mister and Misses Moneybags to buy the government of the State of Kansas.
It is wrong for the Koch Brothers to take our state.

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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

I hope you are NOT a Kansas football coach.

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Koch Industries, Kansas Chamber of Commerce trying to knock off moderate Republicans

If you declare a party prior to the primaries, that will stay as your PERMANENT affiliation, unless you go in and change your affiliation OR ask that you not be a member of any party.

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Sound Off: I’ve been a registered voter in Lawrence for over 25 years. If I go to the Aug. 7 primary

This is not Brownbackistan, it is Kansas. The people who cooked up this law mean to suppress voting, and to frighten away first-timers. The problems don't exist anywhere except in the twisted minds of the extreme right wingers. The right to vote is such an important part of our democracy, and the efforts being made to frighten people and keep them away from the polls are VERY UN-American.

The thought of long lines of people waiting at the polls could make some voters stay away. Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew has done a smart thing by providing voters with an official card in Douglas County. We can be very grateful for that, because it is reassuring for many! Let's hope that the LJW gets on the bandwagon and provides information for worried citizens, and help INCREASE citizen participation in our area.

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Heard on the Hill: Don't look for Chick-fil-A to leave Wescoe; KU responds to records request; CLAS hires new undergraduate services director

And you know this HOW?
NONE of those who make up this company share beliefs and actions with the Phelps Group?

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