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Drunken driver who killed Lawrence woman on bicycle sentenced to 6 months in jail

Wow, this dude is lucky. I hope he gets what he really deserves in jail. I can see if it wasnt his fault. But clearly it was.
He will have it coming to him. Good luck....

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Sick of the Pulse!!!!

Thank you. I am infact a well educated man. I like to express my opinion. Thats what blogs are for. I am sorry I got lazy when I went on my rant. I will know next time to proof read it three times before hitting the send button.

I would like to thank Jonathan for giving me the info I needed. I have sent the email in hopes that the problem will be fixed.

Have a wonderful weekned!!!

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Sick of the Pulse!!!!

Thank you!!
Pywacket. Thanks for the advice.
BTY, I can care less how my grammer and spelling is. It's not what I do for a living. So, I'm ok with that.

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Roeder, 52, sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 51 years, 8 months

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Roeder, 52, sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 51 years, 8 months

It was bad for this guy to do what he did. But it was bad for the person he killed to do what he did. I think they need to let him out so he can take care of Fred Phelps.

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What extras would you cut to save money on your cell phone bill?

The best way to save money on a cell bill is to get a job that provides one. Then shut yours off. Thats what I did. Now I pay nothing. And its nice!!
BUT, you do have to pick it up when they call you. It's part of the deal I guess.....

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Ready for the rafters? Collins hopes to have jersey hanging in Allen Fieldhouse one day

What a great player with a great heart! I have watched him grow as a player. Great job!! now take the Jayhawks to the end!!!!!

Keep up the great work and I can't wait to watch you in the NBA!!

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‘X’ a factor again

Don't blow X's baloon up to fast. He STILL has a lot more work todo to be the star everybody says he is.
Keep up the good work. You will be the star everybody wants you to be.

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Major Midwest trash company making push into Lawrence with weekly curbside recycling pickups

I am not paying to recycle. just stupid.
On top of that I shouldnt have to pay for trash. My girlfriend and I only fill one trash bag of trash ever other week. So they only pick up our trash every other week. Its BS I have to pay full price when I don't even have enough trash to be picked up.

We recycle pretty much everything we can. But its worth me driving to wal-mart or the recycle stations to drop it off myself.

I would like to have a contest with topeka. Which is where I work. Who can recycle to most. I know we would come up with the most. But, topeka would win if they just walked around on the streets and picked up the crap that everybody would throw out.

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FINAL: KU escapes with 72-66 overtime win over CU

Lucky!!!!!! Don't think you will get a W if you are playing like that agianst Texas. Come on KU! Forget the number 1 spot. Just keep the W's coming!!!!!

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