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Election is wake-up call to Democrats

"...the teabaggers are going to get screwed all over again by the very Republicans they see as their saviors."

You had better stop calling the people that are attending these "Tera Party" events the derogatory term "teabaggers". These people are independent are are giving the GOP and the DNC fits.

These so called "Tebaggers" much maligned by the Lame stream Media and many of the Loopy loony Liberal Left that named them are responsible for this election result.

It was not a win for the GOP, and was a repudiation of Congress at the very least and at the very highest reaching limb President Obama.

Everyone recongises it clearly, even those of you on this board that continue with the "Teabagger" BS. Just stop it for your own good, for these people are the "middle" and the "independents" both parties need to win elections.

And they are just PO'ed enough to give the great big middle finger to both political parties. These are the American Citizens that sere ignored through 5 major pieces of major legislation and even though called in and shut down the White house and Congressional switchboards and bogged up the email accounts of all elected officials on all five legislative efforts that all eventually failed because the larger majority of "We the People" do not want them to go through, and still the roundheads in DC continue on their clueless slog to political irrelevancy. Those legislative efforts were:

1. "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"
2. "Comprehensive Immigration Reform II"
3. "Toxic Asset Relief Program"/"Bank Bailouts"
4. "American Reinvestment and Recovery Act"
5. "Comprehensive Health Care Reform".

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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

Something the idiots that want the goobermint to interfere in state and individual liberties might want to watch.

This is even too much for Mass. Liberals:

Video: “Massachusetts Miracle”

And a little something from the Wall Street Journal:

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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

Boy we have some very stupid corruptocrats and lefties in the audience today!

Here is the tenth amendment with the wiki citation even though I do not like wiki that much:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

The rally for those that don't "get it", is because the State has the authority here, not the Feds, and this is going on in about 25 states now, so it is "not some little thing", it will change the way our Federal Goobermint is acting in the future.

And before any lefties lay a brass egg on this state looking out for it's citizens, don't think for one minute that you would not do the same darn thing if the boot was on the other fella. The Red Team will regain control of the Senate and House,federally, do you want the Red Team dictating to states????

This was setup by Democratic assault on states rights by pushing a bad health care bill and the corruption that was the conrhusker bailout, and the BCBS and Mutual of Omaha Insurance bailouts that only occur in Nebraska.

Now they are exempting only labor union Cadillac plans and and leaving all the rest of the great unwashed (even if most of them are hard working democrats) to pay the full price for those bribes.

There is now another $60 billion that will be foisted onto the States.

Business as usual in the Federal Government is now over, and that is what the "pep Rally" was about.

And Scotty Rothschild is an idiot for a POS article with little of the backstory and very little command of constitutional issues. Big Zero on constitutional understanding there Scotty!

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Kansas attorney general asks Congressional leaders to remove pro-Nebraska provisions from health reform bill

I believe that makes 17 AG's and 4 Governors that are non too happy about the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback.

Even if this POS of legislation passes, the legal challanges to it are monstorous.

With 59-64% opposing this bill in various polls, it is a wonder than any elected representative would vote for it.

It simply is a pork fest and has nothing to do with health care or health insurance accessibility, nor does it have anything to do with controlling health care costs.

They needed to start over 6 months ago and lock the lobbyists out, get rig of the PharmaCos reps and the Hospital Reps, and have the damn thing on CSPAN like they said they would.

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Reid sorry for Obama ‘Negro’ remark

Why does it bother you so much to be a supporter and associate of Terrorists and nutcases, you argue for their "rights" all the time.

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Reid sorry for Obama ‘Negro’ remark

Wjhy does that bother you?

You defend terrorists as well.

It is no big stretch.

You don't like that assessment of your character,

then behave and think differently.

Til then, do not complain about what opinions people have of you.

Apparently you, like Harry Reid, complain about how you are perceived, but it is really your own thoughts and deeds that betray you.

It has nothing to do with me.

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Reid sorry for Obama ‘Negro’ remark

porch_person (Anonymous) says…


So a nutcase anywhere is enough of an excuse for you to act like a nutcase now? You seem to be surrounded by either (boogolie, boogolie, boogolie, boo…) blacks or Muslims.

Hell of an existence.


No but it seems enough for you to defend the nutcase.


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Cost of government sinking California

"Bozo thanks for doing the research and math. I could have done it but I don't really have time today."

That made me snort my drink through my nose!

Bozo does not do research and probably cannot handle simple math. Support of the Health Care Reform bill contradicts having done research and the ability to do math.

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