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Parkinson signs statewide smoking ban into law

Whew! I am glad they passed this rule!

It's not like there are more important issues facing Kansas for the next , say 2 decades!

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Orthodontist’s ‘labor of love’ refashions a city landmark

Judging by the basic "knock it down and demo" as cheaply as possible, I wonder if for the worker's health sake, and for the sake of any children that are going to be living in condos when they are finished, I wonder if they checked that old building and the old building materials for asbestos and Lead Based Paint. Plaster and lath in Kansas especially in an old downtown commercial building usually contain asbestos, and the paint of the time of the construction was most likely hot.

It is regulated federally, even though KDHE does a very poor job enforcing those federal rules delegated to the State. Providing for jobs and a tax base is good, and Kansas should start by using Environmental Consultants to operate within existing OSHA, EPA, and KDHE laws when doing basic construction. I say expand in the that industry. Funny how all the greenies forget about the basic toxins that directly affect human health, but "dress the project up" by stating it is "Green". What a bunch of BS.

In April of 2010, on he 22nd, the new Lead Renovator Rule goes into effect. and any company disturbing more than 6 square feet inside, or 20 square feet outside in a Residences or Child Occupied Facility build prior to 1978, needs to be certified by EPA as a "Certified Lead Renovation Firm", and will have to use lead safe processes, check for lead in the paint and do a cleaning verification. The State rule may become more protective. Additionally, the Firm must have a "Certified renovator" on site, and must train all the workers in Lead Safe Work Practices.

Yes that means Condos. That means that this crew needs to get all that work done before April 22, 2010.

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Businesses grapple with rising unemployment payments

None of the unemployment. workman's comp. or any of the other "value added" taxes/coverages make any difference anymore. The national trend is to "sub contract" labor, and make it a separate contract, which makes ALL of the laws of business fall and fail.

Any politician gets a rise when there is money they can move around, and the UE trust is no different. Could you imagine if Kansas matched other moderately UE levels of other states??? That would be an increase of a couple of percent, and at least 35% more money needed NOW. Kansas has always been a bankrupt state because everything has been mortgaged long term for the short term. The author has it totally wrong though, California is the WORST for business, and a second would be New York.

As for taxing what is on line that is nuts. Who gets the money the source state or the purchasing state or locale? That is the dumbest thing I have every heard. Besides the internet shopping has no impact on bricks n' mortar that would need the sewers, water supplies, property protection like Fire and Police, and has no need to support infrastructure, because it uses little and what it dos use is already taxed.

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`Mind-boggling' state budget cuts devastating Kansans with disabilities, advocates say

We are in a world of bad here.

If you raise taxes you killoff growth, and without growth you get no tx revenue.

IF you do not raise taxes, then services will no longer be provided, and people who depend on them will suffer.

Welcome to the Great American Depression of 2010. This is the one the Lamestream Media and your Goobermint is lying to you about.

There has been no recovery (and the numbers the goobermint uses to say there is a recovery is misinformation and simply not true), and it will only get worse when Greece and China slide off into economic chaos.

Throw in the fact that something like 31 states are insolvent in the United States and this story in the LJWorld is happening and repeated almost everywhere.

We need all "politicians" and both political parties to resign and start over.

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Proposed constitutional amendment to block federal health care reform considered

This is happening nation wide.

This is exactly what happens when elected representatives stop listening to their constituents.

IT is a wonder than congressmen and senators have not been shot to date.

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‘Tea party’ is Palin’s people

"It was hilarious watching her search for an answer to a very simple question by reading the notes she wrote on her hand.…"

Sure Nice try, but Captain Teleprompter uses the Teleprompter in an elementary school speaking to kids, AND,.....

When using the Teleprompter uses the wrong pronunciation of "Corps" as corpse.

Where is all your stupidity criticism of a man more ignorant apparently than Palin and Bush????


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Tragic irony

"I would bet that 99% of the people who are complaining the loudest about the health care bill have no clue what is really in it."

Yep Beo that is true, but what is also true is that those that support it do not know what is in it either.

So your argument/statement is bogus.

Nobody knows what was in the bill; supporters and opposition.

That is how P-poor the legislative process and the only blame to that is San Fran Nan and Clueless Harry.

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Tragic irony

"......thanks to lying Republicans, foot-dragging, timid Democrats and a fickle and misinformed public."

Wrong place to place the blame. The Republicans were all but excluded for the entire process. After 365 proposed amendments by the GOP side, only 2 got in.

Additionally the Dems hold a commanding majority in house and senate, they barely got the bill to cloture in the Senate and had to get three of the votes by outright bribery that is going to cost the Senators their seat in the Senate. The House only got 218 votes for their "written in secrecy" bill that meant only cleared by 3 votes, yet they hold an 80+ democratic party majority.

Thrown in Senator Harry Reid, the most worthless person on the face of the planet and more corrupt than Chris Dodd, and his behind closed doors writing of the POS Health Care Bill. Then it went to behind closed doors at the Whitehouse. NO Republicans in either room. Add in the additional promise the President Obama gave in his campaign that the process would be open and transparent and the debates on CSPAN, and that did not happen either.

With all that, if they cannot pass this bill then it was a POS bill and we are better off it died.

This was the worst piece of legislation and the protesters of the "Tea Party" were maligned as "teabaggers" and they were the majority and the reason that Sen. Elect Brown won in Mass.

Time for you guys to wake up and smell the revolution!!!!!

The American Citizen does not want this.

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Health care reform rally set for downtown Lawrence

"The Kaw Valley Council is part of, a grassroots national organization."

'Nuff said.

This is the purple koolaid drinkers gang.

They do not see the writing on the wall.

The "Health Care Reform" bill that this Democratic Senate and House wrote (4 or 5 times) is not what a majority of the American Citizens want. It does nothing to curb costs and nobody knows what is in it and it was written behind closed doors with Demorats and Lobbyists from the PharmaCos, Big Medicine, Insurance Companies, and AARP.

Everyone that touches this POS bill dies politically speaking.

Get a damn clue.

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