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100 years ago: Lawrence teen builds wireless set, catches message 'flashing through the air'

"'Topeka High School, Topeka, Kansas, March 4, 1914. Supt F. P. Smith, Lawrence, Kansas: ..."

So began text messaging in KS high schools. Oh, what have we wrought!

A quick search revealed Harry went on the KU Engineering School and the US Army Signal Corps.

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Editorial: Cooperative effort

"Just Food is part of the Harvesters Community Food Network in Kansas City, Mo., which allows it to purchase both perishable and nonperishable food items at reduced costs. "

My understanding was that the Just Foods relationship with Harvesters had been 'mutually' terminated. How about a little investigative journalism instead of puff pieces.

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100 years ago: Baldwin residents to spend holiday laboring on road

"the sprinklers used on Massachusetts street "

Should I assume these are for moistening the dirt roadway thus suppressing dust?

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100 years ago: Farmers look forward to bumper crops this season

So my prior comment about the nickels for the June 15 story a few days ago was wrong. They were 'nickel' theaters?

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100 years ago: Ceiling caves in at Mass Street store

Do I gather correctly that the 'nickels' were cheap little cabs or jutneys operating in town charging a nickel for a ride?

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100 years ago: KU seismograph records quake in Asia

Earthquake was likely the Burma (Myanmar) magnitude 8 event. Pretty severe.

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100 years ago: KU Glee Club leaves on western tour

Sarah: Do I take it you are viewing these (100 year) old papers on microfilm? Are those available for review by the general public? At the LJW offices? At the library?

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