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Kathy Bowen, instructor of gifted programs, named Lawrence's 2012-13 Master Teacher

Glad to see you get some well-deserved recognition, Kathy!

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My son and I have been enjoying the music classes by Emily with **Jubilee Music** ([][1]). The other morning we were in the car and he requested a particular song from the music class CD. I put it on and he sang heartily to it, then as the next song came on he said, "I like this song" and proceeded to sing it too. I don't think I could have smiled any bigger than I did! As a musical person, I simply can't describe the joy I experience in hearing my son singing!


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Lawrence High junior revamps Lawrence's West Side Presbyterian Church nursery to earn Girl Scout's Gold Award

Thank you for your concern about the TV. Yes, studies have shown that TV can lead to aggression in children - even if they aren't actively watching the program. With that in mind, you are correct that the amount of TV that children are exposed to should be very limited.

In the case of the TV in the nursery, it is hooked up to a video camera in the sanctuary. That way, if I need to stay with my child in the nursery, I can watch the worship service by direct feed. It allows me to feel connected and a part of the congregation, even if my child has other plans for me that day. :)
-Alecia (the mom in the picture)

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