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State Board hears opposition to Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is simply another avenue of the Federal Government to root itself into our society more. I have to look at issues like this with logic and not emotion. First, there is no Constitutional provision for the Federal Government to have dealings with education and direction to the States on what the subject matters should be. That would be strike one. The second is the failed past of the Department of Education, created under President Carter in 1979. The explosion in education spending hence has not created better students; I would argue it has created more lemmings that independent thinkers. I therefore have no confidence that more government with fix anything - it always makes the problem worse and begs for more government to fix that. That is strike two. The third is the irrational methods that are being proposed. It is unclear to me what the "experts" were thinking drafting these standards, but they appear to be appeasing the ADD culture we currently have. There is no diligence study of the real core subjects of western civilization. They certainly claim there is "rigor", but the methodology does not provide for the complete study of any literary work and the contextual understanding of the text. I have read the CCSS Initiative documents and they are full of the typical bureaucratic BS; the plain simple issue is that Common Core does not teach children how to think - it will only school them for a test - not making them prepared to succeed in the labor market nor at University. I believe in Federalism, the division of government, and in the 9th and 10th Amendments. This is a State issue, Kansas should decide how to educate Kansans. D.C. does not know how best to serve everyone - we are individuals - I certainly do not wish my children to come out carbon copies of their classmates - each robotic in their inability to think for themselves.

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