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All counties in Kansas allowing same-sex marriage licenses, but state not yet allowing name changes, joint tax returns

Just a thought:
If same sex people get married and want to change their surnames. Which one changes and or are each a different solution.
I assume man-woman marriages the wife changes to her husbands surname. Same sex marriages that would assume one partner is a male role and the other a female role.
Maybe someone familiar with this can share how it works.

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Lew Perkins joins USA Boxing board

I'm wondering Lew if you have donated to pay for scholarships or helped sponsor teams or events
being you had years of administration for KU athletics. Giving is good for the soul especially as events happened that were critical for KU athletics.

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Former KU center Sasha Kaun has not retired from professional basketball

Jayhawk fans just love Sasha for what he did for our Jayhawks. He has the perfect situation for his future. Should a pro team offer him an opportunity he probably will accept it. If not he'll find
something to do that he likes.
I was a fan of Sasha even back to his Florida high school days.

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Column: He’s the right hire for ISU

Hey we don't have to agree with what Tom writes. Although this one seems unusual as it appears
ole Larry can solve all problems.

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More glowing reports on KU hoops commitment Vick

I don't understand the holdup whether to reclassify or not.I believe he has completed the 4 high school years. One would think the trip to Korea and the chance to practice against college players
would be a better decision than playing a 5th year high school schedule.
It doesn't appear his grade work is a problem (maybe that is the holdup).

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Cliff Alexander hopes to make up for lost time

I certainly am not a scout that can evaluate potential in basketball players. But I will be surprised
if Cliff gets a 1st round pick.
According to reports his Mom didn't do him any favors that caused his not playing late in the season.
For his benefit I hope i am wrong but I just don't see him even getting close to a 1st round pick.
He might even miss the 2nd round.

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Kansas will face strong schedule in ’15-16

I checked the website for LV Dealers and it is very new and hardly any information except suggestions for huge salaries.

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Brandon Ingram chooses Duke over KU, others

He had KU on his list but being from North Carolina hard to think he would come to KU.

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Notebook: Fieldhouse packed as usual on snowy Saturday

Great win. I don't quite understand the hatred of zone defense. It seemed to be quite effective for the short time it was used. My idea is to use whatever works best that is legal.

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Bill Self praises Staten’s winning drive

I find it difficult to believe how ineffective the Jayhawks were on defensive rebounding. Sometimes WV netted 3 in a row offensive rebounds. Cliff was certainly missed as he is
one of the better rebounders. Sometimes players need to play through mistakes to become better.
Also different defenses than strict man to man might work as well as double teaming.

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