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KU’s Mykhailiuk lifts Ukraine to Euro tourney final

Yes he is a signed committed player yet I have my fingers crossed until he arrives and enrolls.
The more success he has might encourage pros teams in Europe to offer a paying contract.
Even though he is 17 I am waiting anxiously until that enrollment is completed.

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Bill Self says 2-year rule just fine with him

Yes there are some like Lebron that never attended college others like Tim Duncan that stayed 4 years and both achieved success in the pros.
Really it should be up to the pros to make that decision. But they draft on potential and due to the limit of players some even draft and fail to sign until later.
Basketball has become popular internationally and guys like Keith Langford have had great success. Yes he did spend a few years in college.
To say Wiggins and Embiid had to go pro now is just an opinion. That was a decision they made
which they had the opportunity to do. They could have played 4 years at KU as well and then played pro like others like McDermott did. He always will have the record of total points he scored.
If money can buy happiness Sterling should be happy. Wonder how he sleeps these days.
We all live with the decisions we make.

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Column: No need to rush Joel Embiid's return

Lets hope Joel will be ready for the Big 12 tournament. His experience has been limited and he will benefit by playing. Sure not playing before the Big Dance might be considered but all the game experiences he can have before then should make his playing better.

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How important is it for students to learn cursive writing?

I am a retired teacher mainly in the 5th to 8th grade. One summer I went to Greeley Colorado
and as part of a Language Arts class was introduced to teaching cursive writing.
I started school in a one room for all grades 1-8. We were taught cursive even in the early grades and I can't remember even doing manuscript.
Even though there are computers to write I would encourage teaching cursive either the 3rd grade or 4th grade.
Name signatures by some are intended to be unreadable.
As for me learn to write cursive. OK

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Self: Newcomers’ talents impressive

Before 7 in the morning stevie boy wrote opinions that he probably has no idea if true. Of course
negative comments attract attention. See even I responded to his post.
Wiggins will show his knowledge of KU history will improve with time spent at KU.
Will he enjoy his time at KU? It appears to me he is handling it well.

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Kansas at Oklahoma State to be on ESPN's College GameDay

How about a positive comment. Going to Stillwater playing the game day ESPN game
with a victory we all can remember. Not always will Game Day be in Allen Fieldhouse.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: 100 years of license plates

I have a Veterans tag I no longer use as I live in Oklahoma City. Wonder if Tom would be interested?

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McLemore a big hit at Chalmers’ all-star game

Don't fret it. I don't read them I just click the 1st no matter what it says. They might be catching on to that as they sometime ask fact questions. If you punch the wrong one they make you do it over.

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McLemore: Summer league struggles correctable

Well willow we all have opinions some make sense others create confusion. The huge bust prediction may be a big reach. I'm hoping you're way off the mark and Ben has much success
as a pro.

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Editorial: KU resolve

The display of hatred and constant negative comments needs to simmer down. Putting a pause on scheduling should help.

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