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Graham keeps gunning, finds other ways to help Kansas

I guess I think players should have a role for their team. Frank Mason is by far the best offensive
player and he needs to be more selfish and take more shots. Lucas seems to know his role as he only shoots bunnies, The high low stuff isn't working this season so our offense should be guard

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Tom Keegan: Vick stock up, Svi stock down last week

Those of us that only are able to watch on TV base our opinions on what we see or don't see.
We also read reports from the media available. I can see Vick gaining more time as he might have more POTENTIAL.
Another point watching Coleby I wonder how Lightfoot seems to get playing time ahead of Coleby.

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KU's Big Monday rematch with WVU more about revenge than league race

I guess I wonder why Huggy has that stool instead of sitting on the chair that all coaches
use.I believe he is the only coach that has a stool. Having that stool on the court might be
in the way if a player stumbles in that area. Guess if I was at the game I'd tell Huggy to sit in a chair and put the stool away. Well I guess everyone knows what I think about Huggy and his stool.

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KU's Big Monday rematch with WVU more about revenge than league race

I've watched many basketball games and nearly everything that can happen probably has in the past.An observation about Huggy from West Virginia. He has that special chair that he sits on and is close to the court. Nearly every call made by the refs get his physical attention and arms out trying to tell the refs hey you can't do that. There will be more foul calls than normal as when they call them on WV they think well better call some on their opponents. With a squad that uses only
7 players that can be a problem as Huggy uses at least 10 so that doesn't affect his team as much. Don't pass into the corners as they will double trap and hope for a turnover. Instead of trying to dribble pass the ball down court and score with their team trying to get back to half court defense. Playing them is not a normal game as they simply foul a lot and the refs sometimes just get tired of making calls and seeing Huggy with his out stretched arms questioning the calls.

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Lawrence animal rights advocates speak against greyhound racing bill

Nation wide dog tracks have slot machines and other gaming activities like card games. Horses and greyhounds are born to run and to say that is a cruel sport doesn't sound right.When the Woodlands was active there were many farms that raised greyhounds. In addition to receiving
funds the tracks also paid funds to the state for authorized racing.
Think of all the new jobs this might create and help those that raise greyhounds.

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Trial setting rescheduled for woman accused of battering KU basketball player Carlton Bragg Jr.

Well it appears to me that to charge a woman with battery when the victim is at least a foot taller and probably 100 pounds heavier and not using an instrument other than her hands why not just drop the charge and say it was man and woman arguing. It appears the victim has no injuries.

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Bragg travels with Jayhawks to Manhattan; gameday status uncertain

Bragg deserves a 2nd chance and I believe he will suit up. Hope he plays well hope his teammates encourage his effort.

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Jayhawks' 2018 recruiting class grows to six late Saturday night

Lets hope they don't get buyers remorse before the 2018 signing day. Should they have a super
season the big boys will come calling. But gettin a commitment is better than not having a commitment.

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Jayhawks find advantages in playing multiple defenses

Dang it do we hate that crappy zone defense. Darn it it seems we have to play it to win. Well the answer is we play to win the game so maybe we should practice that defense. Could be we might lose if we don't. Zone different formations, man defense full court, double team seems like maybe a variety of plans might work the best. DO WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN THE GAME.

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Report: KU basketball player Lagerald Vick investigated in 2015 on allegations that he struck female student

Unfortunately players that are accused of incidents suffer and even if punishment is given still face humiliation. We all make mistakes and need the opportunity to gain a 2nd chance.
First it is not the coaches job to solve problems that is the police responsibility.

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