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Notebook: Fieldhouse packed as usual on snowy Saturday

Great win. I don't quite understand the hatred of zone defense. It seemed to be quite effective for the short time it was used. My idea is to use whatever works best that is legal.

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Bill Self praises Staten’s winning drive

I find it difficult to believe how ineffective the Jayhawks were on defensive rebounding. Sometimes WV netted 3 in a row offensive rebounds. Cliff was certainly missed as he is
one of the better rebounders. Sometimes players need to play through mistakes to become better.
Also different defenses than strict man to man might work as well as double teaming.

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Weis says coaching return unlikely

Well with his future earnings without any contributions hard to see any future work. He appeared
to be a decent person but his work at KU was way below what his earnings achieved.
Maybe as part of his philanthropic work he might consider organizations related to Kansas.

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Cyclones blow by Jayhawks at Hilton Coliseum

That was a tough environment and the ESPN Game Day amped up the crowd. I was somewhat
surprised that Self played some that hardly played previously. I assume this part of the season
the roles of the players would be established. Ellis maybe read the reports that asked him to be
more aggressive and unfortunately he missed the major minutes of the 1st half due to 2 fouls.

I would think that Alexander poses the best to play the center spot and needs to be allowed to
play major minutes with encouragement. If he needs to be reminded to play defense better he should be encouraged. Riding the pine could have two effects improving his play or might inhibit
aggressive play. Lets hope he learns on the court rather than whining on the bench.

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Hoyas don 'I Can't Breathe' T-shirts in support of Garner family

I can see a reason for publicily demonstrating a cause. My concern is what to demonstrate and not. Showing favoritism means some won't be recognized.

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KU basketball's Traylor, football's Coleman arrested early Sunday morning

I would think David you are trying to make decisions without knowing anything what happened.
I agree with dealing internally and checking out what happened. The charge against Traylor may not totally point out what happened.
Many of us have confidence that Bill Self will make the best decision. Why do you think the bond
amount is questionable? Often it can be compared to the fines and court costs if suspect is guilty.
I want to remind you about innocent until proven guilty. You already have decided what the verdict

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KU football to test resilience one last time

It is always important to point out positive things. Naturally the object is to win the game but that can be a huge challenge so pointing out winning point spreads helps to maintain positive
thoughts for future games.
The Weis hire obviously hasn't panned out not sure whether Bowen should get the job or another outsider. I probably am leaning on giving the job to Bowen.

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KU’s Mykhailiuk lifts Ukraine to Euro tourney final

Yes he is a signed committed player yet I have my fingers crossed until he arrives and enrolls.
The more success he has might encourage pros teams in Europe to offer a paying contract.
Even though he is 17 I am waiting anxiously until that enrollment is completed.

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Bill Self says 2-year rule just fine with him

Yes there are some like Lebron that never attended college others like Tim Duncan that stayed 4 years and both achieved success in the pros.
Really it should be up to the pros to make that decision. But they draft on potential and due to the limit of players some even draft and fail to sign until later.
Basketball has become popular internationally and guys like Keith Langford have had great success. Yes he did spend a few years in college.
To say Wiggins and Embiid had to go pro now is just an opinion. That was a decision they made
which they had the opportunity to do. They could have played 4 years at KU as well and then played pro like others like McDermott did. He always will have the record of total points he scored.
If money can buy happiness Sterling should be happy. Wonder how he sleeps these days.
We all live with the decisions we make.

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Column: No need to rush Joel Embiid's return

Lets hope Joel will be ready for the Big 12 tournament. His experience has been limited and he will benefit by playing. Sure not playing before the Big Dance might be considered but all the game experiences he can have before then should make his playing better.

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