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Board game: Self dismayed by rebounding effort

Self says no suspension handled internally hope this will not be a problem in the future.
Greene can be a factor in the success of this team. I'm sure he will be a positive contributor
and hope Coach uses his ability to help win games.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self turns red over Brannen Greene — again

Well coach guess what. ESPN has this story on their front page. Many comments
both pro and con. Wonder how recruits are reading this. Probably also pro and con.
Might have been better to solve in the dressing room.
Guess we'll see.

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Frank Mason III nearly hit desperation heave

I agree that would have been a great remember had he made it.

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Calipari: Wildcats lost 'heck of a college game'

Reading between the lines comments Calipari made after the game indicates his appreciation for
the opportunity he had to begin his coaching career at KU.
That game will go down in history. Rock Chalk

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Extra incentive: Wayne Selden Jr. helps KU win battle of blue bloods

Wayne: Grandpas are important and thanks for making his long trip worthy. He will always remember your play.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

I can hardly imagine how effective that zone defense would be if Self spent more time practicing
and using it effectively. Teams should use all tools in their toolbox to win games.
EVEN PRO TEAMS USE IT. Bobby Knight has problems that he probably failed to recognize.
Yes he calls it crappy but is it crappy good.

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Class of 2016 center Udoka Azubuike chooses Kansas

Interesting question the ESPN guys asked? Those that didn't listen
it had reference to recruits not playing immediately. Seems that
might be an idea that seems popular nationwide.

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

I still remember the Korea games and how Mickelson played. How that translates to pine time is hard to understand. If I find it correct Coach asked the 4 horsemen who they wanted to play with
wonder if the assistants have any say about their opinions. Probably not a way to decide who plays as how do the other players feel.
Landon was told to rebound play defense and pass the ball. As for Traylor well hard to explain
a better player than those that ride the pine.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas isn’t the best bet in NCAA's

Your comments could make sense but the odds are based on wanting bets on both sides and Vegas wins. If KU odds were much bigger than too many bets on KU.
Also odds will change as the season gets closer to the end.
Your comments about why the odds are smaller for teams like Duke makes sense. but again
those Vegas guys try to even up bets on both sides.

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Disconnected: Jayhawks melt down in second half

It appears that this late in the season the bigs haven't shown who should be playing and who should be riding the pine. Ellis is the cream at the top but the rest hard to decide how they should
be playing. Mickelson at Korea showed he earned playing time but recently riding the pine.
The so called energy guy needs to show results. The freshman they say lack experience but
unless you play hard to gain experience.
Lets hope Saturday they play better and gain their confidence back.

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