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KU opens Big 12 play vs. 'explosive' West Virginia

Let us support our players. They are practicing and will give a great effort to do well and who knows maybe pull a big upset.

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Notebook: Beaty says 'rough' outings part of learning process for QB Bender

Coach appeared to say preseason that the quarterback contest between Stanley and Bender was a toss-up. Yet after 2 games Stanley hasn't had a snap. Unless Stanley did something to cause a lack of playing time hard to see why he hasn't had a few snaps.
Most of us don't see Bender as doing outstanding play.

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KU's road opener at Ohio moved up, to air on ESPNU

Lets hope the Central Michigan game helps the coaches make changes. Why not break that losing streak this week on the U.
I am a little puzzled that Stanley hasn't had any snaps. Seems like Coach was saying boy the competition is close as to which one will be the starter. If true he deserves a chance to show what he can do.

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Self calls Dedric Lawson's handling of recent suspension 'very good'

According to Memphis TV he has been accused of leaving a restaurant without paying the bill.

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Former Missouri chancellor blames Bill Self for lack of Border War

Why not just play around a little. Tell them we might consider playing but never do the consider.

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Letter to the editor: Unsportsmanlike

Aw George you need a pulpit to tell us all what is wrong. Please just take your meds and play in your basement. We will mess your comments.

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Self: Ankle injury not devastating for KU guard Svi Mykhailiuk

Reading reviews and stories about the combine Svi should he decide to stay in and go pro definitely won't make the first round and border line for the 2nd. That leaves the option of overseas play which would be a possibility.
Should he return to play college ball would require adjustment as I believe 13 have scholarships
and that is the limit allowed.
Watching ESPN showing the combine lots of players that are capable of pro play. And most of the
first round pick guys didn't play.
Be interesting to see what Svi does. Will he be a passenger on the plane to Italy?

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Tom Keegan: Lawson family could make Lawrence a high school basketball hotbed too

Excellent idea Tom. One would think with the transferring of college players the parents and youngins might want to leave as well, Lawrence would be a strong place to consider. Others have done so and employment by the parents would be available. Seems like the parents are educators. I feel this is a possibility.

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New KU forward Jack Whitman eager to test skills at Kansas

I noticed that he was offered a scholarship so that will be a problem to be solved should Svi decide to return.

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New KU forward Jack Whitman eager to test skills at Kansas

No mention Matt whether a walkon or a scholarship player. Unless Svi leaves no openings.

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