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Notebook: Jayhawks say it was 'tough' to lose freshman Billy Preston, wish him luck in Bosnia

Because his eligibility wasn't approved due to car incident. NCAA unable to come up with a decision. Some of us would appreciate exactly what was the problem why it wasn't approved.
Yes the rest of the story. Hard to believe with the many methods to gain information months to even not get a decision. WHY?

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South Middle School teacher accused of racist remarks last year says district led 'witch hunt' against him

Cobb certainly has a right to share what happened and his opinion. Someone that has that many years of experience to be called a racist or instructing racial hatred would have shown up long ago.
Was he treated fairly I don't know but his explanation might have been a problem that the district leaders didn't want to view his opinion as to what happened.

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Bruce Weber's K-State Wildcats eager for 'tough challenge' Saturday at Kansas

Self said this week that the frustration level with the delay in both cases has gone up but also maintained that the folks at KU, including the two players, understand the process and respect that the NCAA has to do what it has to do. (( Yes but wouldn't it be wise to keep the public informed.)

Efforts by the Journal-World this week to reach the NCAA for some kind of clarity in the process and/or the delay in either or both cases were unsuccessful.((Keep trying ))

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The waiting game for De Sousa, Preston causing confusion for Kansas

It appears that legal action might get attention. It is totally unfair for these athletes not to get information on their status of eligibility.

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The latest on De Sousa, Preston: Still no news, but still getting closer

Yes it appears the results of the investigation are in waiting way too long. Plus we don't hear any rumors as to what is being investigated or the possible time it will be solved. Self only indicates it is in the process.

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The latest on De Sousa, Preston: Still no news, but still getting closer

Being able to dunk makes scoring easier. But unable to make free throws will help become hack a Shag. He needs to figure out how to shoot free throws. It appears to me he sorta throws the ball rather than shooting it.

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KU football stadium to be renamed after donor David Booth

Are you sure Booth is deciding how to use the pledge or maybe you not aware who decides how it is spent.

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KU football stadium to be renamed after donor David Booth

I agree renaming the stadium and honoring David Booth is justified.I feel certain he didn't ask for this recognition but his financial help is appreciated.

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4-star CB Corione Harris sticks to his word, signs with Kansas football

Success will depend on attracting better players. Got one so lets get more.

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 14 KU basketball vs. Omaha

Yes Udoka needs to be fed to score. But he also needs to develop a situation whereby passes can be made without interception. During league lay coming up simply passing over the top might be difficult. So he might benefit by posting so bounce passes can be made. Also his constant posting under the goal eliminates dribble and drive by the guards.

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