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Jayhawks among nation's 10 worst teams according to preseason rankings

LJW is not (embarrassing) as they are reporting what Coach Beaty is working to accomplish.
Until proven otherwise we just might have a great coach.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football roster family tree full of notable branches

Enjoyed your information about relationships to KU players and their athletic events. That had to take much time and effort to gain that information.
But lets not forget our present players and help them enjoy this season by pointing out accomplishments.
Keegan for a first name probably will get a few chuckles.

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Mykhailiuk nets 12 in win

Just thinkin Trae won't be going to Washington. I'm thinkin maybe Oklahoma but hoping it might be Kansas.

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Self says recruiting may get harder

Watching the summer games it is very obvious that most teams shoot many treys and drive to the goal. Passing inside to post players doesn't happen very often. Ellis needs someone to pass him the ball so he certainly is limited as to play.
Also Dallas has some of their better players playing in the summer league and the coach doesn't sub much.

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Diallo scores 11 points in NBA Summer League debut

I watched the Dallas Miami game and was pinpointing my attention to Perry Ellis.
Staff reports stated he didn't get off a shot. Well Perry expects or needs someone to pass him the ball. He played the corner position and got to touch the ball other than rebounds about 3 times.
The style of play was mainly for the guards to shoot treys or drive to the basket. There was hardly any passes into the inside players. The one time he drove to the basket he lost the dribble before he could get a shot.

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Happy face: Carlton Bragg Jr.’s smile belies competitive nature

Maybe one and done may not be the best seems like Carlton is enjoying the college experience.
Maybe he will play the Buddy Hield route.

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Matt Tait: Pro possibilities smaller for Self

Hey I am as big a fan of Self as most fans. But really if we need a replacement if Self leaves believe there will be many quality candidates. Remember when ole Roy left the barn my my just maybe his replacement is doing pretty well.
Just maybe the next coach will do well so lets not fret the present coach leaving.

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Tom Keegan: Newman decision helps KU even more this time

Trying out for the pros and then deciding to transfer very unusual. He had the option to go junior college and be eligible immediately and then if not attempting to go pro could sign with a major college and not miss a season of play.
Not playing for a year won't be easy for him to accept. Saying I won't go pro after next season doesn't prevent him from doing so. Those salaries the pros get now are unbelievable. Malik will
benefit from his experience at KU and lets welcome him with open arms.

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Malik Newman, formerly of Mississippi State, visits Lawrence today

If his intent is to go pro even with a redshirt year he would be eligible to do so after the redshirt year. So why wouldn't he go to a junior college where he would be eligible 2016-2017 to play
and even if he didn't he could then sign for the 2017-2018 season.
Reviewing the pro selections this June one has to think getting a 1st round pick is guided by potential and unless you are a Hield or Valentine hard to consider 3 or 4 years of college ball.
So to highly want Newman might take into consideration his plans after a redshirt year.

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Tom Keegan: Newman would be good get for Kansas

Allen signed with Texas so that potential signer gone. Problem it is possible Newman could go pro
after a redshirt year at KU. Seems like Daddy has too much control. Of course with 13 scholies problems with one may not be a big deal.

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