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What home improvement project are you working on?

Lived in the same rented house for 3 yrs. Graduating this May! Now my housemate and I have to clean up and fix up the house before the next tenants move in. Let's not discuss the carpet... We have a project scheduled for each weekend till May.

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Involve parents

if we are going to learn about the heart, lungs, etc and the health issues/preventative care regarding these organs, then reproductive organs should also be covered. I don't forsee every guardian of being capable to teach the anatomy of both the male and female bodies; let alone the many complicated issues that arise in reproductive organs. Furthermore, not every student has two parents, or even one. There are students in foster care and other housing situations where reproductive health knowledge is not readily available or discussed.

So if you're going to teach me that smoking cigarettes will severly increase my changes of lung cancer then please teach me that having unprotected sex will severly increase my changes of contracting an STD. Please tell me the signs of the STDs as well, that way I may recognize a health issue 'down there' and seek medical help.

Remove the stigma of reproductive health as sensitive. Our reproductive organs are vital and deserve just as much care as our lungs, our hearts and our diets.

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What do you think schools can do to help prevent bullying?

If a school wants to actually provide legitimate education for children, then it needs to provide a safe place to learn. If a child is worried about being bullied everyday, this child will not be able to effectively learn. If a bully wants to keep his or her mind on bullying, this child will not learn effectively learn, either. Both of which can inhibit others' learning processes and it may also contribute to a school's poor standards' scores.

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Kansas Humane Society begins charging its volunteers

Different situation, but whatever.

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Kansas Humane Society begins charging its volunteers

I think they should have called the fee an application fee. Then there wouldn't be such a backlash. I personally have no problem with a $15 fee to volunteer. The manpower to train volunteers costs money. Anyone who really wants to help will understand this fee.

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HyVee's Annual General Mills Cereal Sale is Here

Catalinas are the coupons that print with your receipt at checkout.

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Lawrence man facing battery charge

You shouldn't throw stones when your house is made of glass. You leave out the importance that your second daughter has played in the whole thing but perhaps you didn't want to embarrass your own family. You have a lot of guts to reveal so much about people on a public forum. You accuse the victim of being "bad" when you have no idea about what her life is really like or has been. I'll agree that the accused is pretty whack, but do you know about the traumatic event that happened in his life, several years ago? It does not ,however, justify his actions and they shouldn't be used as defense. But if you understood the biological processes and environmental factors of mental illness and addiction then you wouldn't be so quick to publicly judge and humiliate other human beings. Is it really your responsibility to inform the public that "she lives in the ER"? Further more diagnosing them as "anti-social, pathological liar addicts" is not your place. Would your first daughter really want you to tell a public forum about her personal life? The whole situation has sucked for years. Everything that you claim the victim has done, is exactly what he has done and is very well documented. It has also been done often by someone else.....
It often takes years to overcome abusive relationships especially when both partners habitually perpetuate the relationship; throw in some addiction and it's a full blown battle.

Best of luck on directing your rage elsewhere and in a more appropriate manner.

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Indoor Aquatic Center to close for 2 weeks

CKN is closed during the summer. The LIAC is extremely busy during Winter months. Ad Astra, Aquahawks, Masters and Free State all use the pool for practice. During the Winter, swimming is the preferred method of exercise for a lot of people.

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Topeka father, son die in skid loader accident west of Perry Lake

What difference does it make? If there is another parent in the picture, that makes another family unit.

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