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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

Nothing you presumed is remotely correct. Nice try though!

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

Give us a call at the gym. We can give you an update and let you know if/when he can have visitors!

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

More likely that the car whipped into the driveway without giving Laggart anytime to brake on his bike.

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Four-year Jayhawk Boulevard construction project could end with re-creation of old tree canopy, new center bike lane

No mention of the disability accessible changes for Jayhawk Blvd. I know KU is planning them, could we have an update on those as well? AccessibleKU has developed a task force/ committee of some sort focusing on this.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

Rejecting the funds does nothing for the federal deficit. That money ends up going to other states.

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Doll says no plans for widespread drug testing

Will students be required to disclose what medications they're prescribed? That's a pretty heavy invasion of privacy against a minor. Could arise issues of stigmatization from admin and staff towards students. Also could cause a forced release of private sensitive medical conditions.

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‘Wireless babies’ provide life lessons

Teenage boys definitely ought to be required to do this! Do not leave them out of this life skills exercise.

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Indoor Aquatic Center closed through Aug. 19

Because competitive swim season is fall, winter and spring.

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Federal officers make drug arrests in Douglas, Johnson counties; eight suspects are from Lawrence

The price of pot around here or KC will not increase. Silly people, it will always be 50 or 60 depending on the dankness or how well you know "the guy."

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