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Friends of 19-year-old Casey Alan Anzek gather Monday at the site of a car accident that happened ea

expensive "FUN" - nothin's more thrilling than trying to outrun death-by-stupidity. In this case young people made an impulsive sacrifice for the sake of sowing some wild oats. We can all shake our fingers all we want but it'll happen again...and again....and again. Rebels become martyrs when they die for a cause. Would Casey consider himself a martyr or just the life & death of the party? Or would that be too complicated to think about? At least he went out with a bang, right??

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City Commission agenda: Can chickens come home to roost?

Uh...on what grounds could one actually say that chickens are a nuisance - especially if there's a limit as to how many and roosters aren't allowed... Seems like a reasonable way to accommodate eating healthier and cheaper while also be soft of the environment.

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Depot restoration plans hit roadblock

What's the relationship between the railroads and Union Station in KCMO?

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Group floats riverside development idea in North Lawrence

The old train depot is such a showcase for the city right there across from Johnny's. This sounds like things are right on track - investing in the old train depot paid off and now has created enough momentum for adding umph to the business scene there. In case folks haven't been paying attention - north lawrence is looking good and it's high time to move forward. Flooding is ALWAYS an issue next to a river but Johnny's has dealt with that in the past. They know what they're getting into. One more thing - if you think the river stinks stay away from it so that those of us that appreciate it won't have to deal with your bad attitude. Clean up your act - don't let your dog dupey rinse into the storm drain, stop over fertilizing your yard, get your oil leaks taken care of, & honestly, pick up a little trash before it gets into the storm drains - even if it's not your's....live on the wild side. The rest of us & the river would be most appreciative - so would these creative small business owners who are willing to put their necks out for our community.

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Kids learn from creepy crawlers

Kudos to the Conservation District and all the volunteers who helped make this experience happen for these kids. The JW neglected to mention the Field Day was the culmination of activities the classes have been doing throughout the school year. EARTH has become a standard part of environmental education offerings in many Kansas counties. StreamLink, a program of the locally-based Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance (KVHA), has been heavily involved with the EARTH Field Days statewide. Unfortunately funding cuts have severely limited KVHA's ability to continue provide stream team and field event assistance. Locally KVHA coordinates the Wetland Learners Project which provides facilitated field trips to wetlands in the Wakarusa River Valley.

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Saving the earth, one yard at a time

Harderfaster - your argument holds water about as well as a bucket with a bunch of little holes in the bottom....Bee stings are like nano-pricks(?) on the surface of your body but they can really muck up your entire system.

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Activists on a roll for Earth Day

Also... I don't consider myself an activist but I still enjoyed the parade - geez, headlines....

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Activists on a roll for Earth Day

If people are having some kind of a problem with the way the earth day event played out, tell me, what would a successful event look like? There was record attendance, the community got to spend some time together, and people left feeling good. Without some pre & post event follow-up, that's as close as we'll get to knowing that even holding an earth day event actually makes a difference for the planet. We'd still have to bear in mind that the attendance is skewed towards people who feel comfortable with their politically correct relationship with the environment.

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Jefferson West principal named new Free State principal

Kudos to Dr Snyder for his hard work and leadership. Being willing to be in the eye of the storm takes both bravery and thick skin. Mr. West has challenges ahead of him but they aren't the same challenges Dr. Snyder has faced. It will be interesting to see how the staff at LFS respond to Mr. West.

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Do you think you've learned more historical information through oral or written accounts?

What a daft question! Written history comes from a synthesis of primary sources such as letters, photographs, newspaper articles, and, yes, oral histories (eg interviews).

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