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Discriminatory text messages spur student sit-in over LGBT rights at Lawrence High

WAKE UP LHS! The District has policies that should have been being enforced all along. What are you waiting for? A lawsuit? Another tragedy??

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Governor-elect Brownback says he's seeking bold action on tax reductions, will protect education funding

Now I been travelin' all around,
And I heard troubles come to your town.
I've got a little something,
Guaranteed to soothe your mind.

'S called Snake Oil y'all
It's been around for a long long time.


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Take-Back Day allows residents to safely rid homes of expired, unused and unwanted medication

There's a direct correlation between how we dispose of our medications and the level of pharmaceuticals in our water supply.

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Labels may be mum on genetically modified salmon

In 1878 Kansas tried to establish a population of salmon in the Kansas River....

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Missing Lawrence woman found after silver alert issued

Whew! That must have been scary for all parties involved. Glad to hear the system seems to be working.

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Offensive letter

Wow. nota, you didn't read the article very closely. He took a job with the school district. His wife continued on working in non-traditional education.

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KU to launch Monarch butterflies into space

Seems like a super cool, super cheap, low maintenance way to get everyone thinking outside the box. I sincerely doubt this is being funded by KU - more likely a national science foundation partnership project with NASA - you know, like to get our kids more engaged in science & technology because the US is lagging behind the rest of the world in innovation. Please please shut your mouths long enough to connect a few dots.

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A fee to use the public library?

WOW - that's embarrassing. Totally goes against what public libraries are supposed to be about.... Corliss totally screwed the pooch on this one - or did he? He definitely got our attention & illustrated a point.

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Ex-husband, two children detained in connection with attack

You all are reading so much into the story and projecting the evils of the tv world. How do you know the father & daughter weren't there in pursuit of the hostile son? You have no idea why the couple was divorced or what dramas were playing out in this teenager's life. It seems like standard procedure for them to all be detained under the circumstances. Let the police sort out the details rather than try this family in the press.

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Candidate discusses details of bankruptcy

I think it is remarkable refreshing to have someone so willing to openly discuss their finances. Look around you people, this is what your neighbors and your families are going through whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

Thank you Ms.Klingenberg bringing a bit of reality to the table.

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