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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

Someone is immature cuz they have tattoos? Give me a break. They just like a different style and I'm sure everyone is glad they don't look or think like you. And if you had a chance at the NBA and making millions, you'd focus on that, too.

Bad loss, but good season. Rock Chalk!.

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Notebook: Bill Self fired up during big win; Rio Adams 'frustrated'

I bet Rio will not be back next year. Self never forgets stuff like this. It's nonsense. Rio will not get his scholarship renewed next year.

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Charlie Weis-Dayne Crist duo not so dynamic

It comes down to the coach. I hope I'm wrong, but Weiss was a bad hire just like Gill. Is the shine off our our new AD yet? This is pitiful. The Hawks will get pounded every week in the Big 12. Yuck.

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Nation’s condition argues against Obama re-election

I love it when people blame the Democrats or the Republicans for our country's problems. They just don't get it. Both parties are to blame. They are all corrupt and incompetent..

Yes, Obama has struggled in a lot areas, but so did Bush. Our last two presidents have been below average and that is being nice. I don't understand how either Obama or Romney will turn around the economy when the government refuses to work together to try to fix it. You can't run a business successfully when your workers don't pull together, so how can the government do it?

The one thing that Bush and Obama have shown is that you cannot govern successfully on the right or the left. It must be done in the center where both parties can work together.

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State hospitals reporting struggles because of low pay, long hours, early retirement incentives

It stinks that a very important article like this one gets buried in a political debate. I thought every politician, regardless of party and faith, is supposed to work for the public. This is clearly not the case here. Our slipping hospitals is a tremendous concern and losing $14 million in federal aid is even worse. How would we replace this revenue? Close the hospitals?

When one of the sex offenders who is "under treatment" gets out and rapes your daughter or your mother or your wife, remember this article. If one of your relatives dies on the operating table, remember this article.

I don't give a crap who you vote for or why, but how can you not be worried about state hospitals after reading this?

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Sheahon Zenger’s pick: Take it or Leavitt

Weiss can definitely coach QBs and you have to have that to win in the Big 12. KU QB play has been awful since Reesing. I also like Leavitt as the D coordinator cuz the ND defenses were not good under Weiss. This could be a great hire.......or not. I am certainly more optimistic with Weiss than I was with Gill.

Go Hawks!

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KU hoops team can’t pass, either

KU hoops will be fine, but the football team will stink for a long time. Fedora will end up at Ole Miss or ASU or UCLA or anywhere but KU. Why does everyone think KU is a good destination for a young, talented coach? It didn't work out for Mangino or Gill or anyone else long-term.

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KU football head coach candidates

Holtz is now the head coach at South Florida and they finished last in the Big East.

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KU football turns eye to future

Leach accepted the Washington State job, according to ESPN. WHo was the No. 2 guy - Fedora? So, maybe, who is our third choice?

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KU's next move must be bold one

I am not a Turner Gill fan, but there is a better way to fix the football program than eating $6 million. Make him fire every defensive coach and try again next year. Maybe he can recruit a QB and some players. KU has not had a playmaker on defense since Talib. Give Gill another recruiting class and let him coach another year.

If the Hawks stink again next year - which they will regardless of who the coach is - then fire him and you saved $2 million. Use that $2 million to clean up the rest of the athletic department. Gill is not the only KU coach who needs to go.

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