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Hunters find strength in traditions

Great article, unfortunately I see multiple photos here with the subjects breaking one of the cardinal safety rules of firearms hunting. You do not use the optics of your firearm to "glass" or scan for game.

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Mass. Street Deli closes today

Bob's is good. Who ever said to get the family meal hit the nail on the head. About every few weeks in the LJW there will be a $5 off coupon for that meal. Feed my family of four for real cheap. We also end up taking half the food home with us. I don't see Bob's being open a whole lot longer. Others may disagree, but to me, Bob's never seems all that busy.

The Deli was just a couple to many dollars expensive for the quality of food. Service just about everywhere stinks these days. We found a great server at a local restaurant, and we now eat at this place about every 3rd trip out to eat.

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Divers recover bodies of ice fishers

With the winter we've had?? Have you been outside at all the last month? It's been safe to ice fish for most if not all the past month. You need 4 inches of ice, drilling test holes working your way out onto the lake. Sounds like this was an accident. Also, depth really has very little to do with how safe the ice is. Key factor is the water movement. Either by currents or wind. For example. Lake Henry a week ago was 6 inches thick. In the middle it's probably 30-40 feet deep. But I doubt you're more than 75 feet from shore.

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Tree butchers

Generally speaking, overhead power lines are located on a utility easement. Not that it's right, but technically you don't have the right to tell a utility company how they are allowed to use that easement. They can do pretty much what every they'd like. If the tree in question is located in the easement, they have every right to come in and remove it. Don't need a home owners permission. Kent should be thankful he still has the tree at all.

Many of these easements, are located along the rear property lines. I've seen home owners build sheds, cedar fences, every number of things. If a utility company desires it needs to get a large truck or piece of equipment down the easement, if can tear up your fence, or move your shed. In fact, they'd probably ask the home owner to pay for the removal as well.

To Counrtygirl, YES! the city already mandates where trees MUST be planted. City code requires and tree be planted every so many feet along the frontage of your property. They charge close to $200 to plant this tree for you. Now, heres the kicker, say by frontage in feet, your property requires 2 trees in the front. But, you have the drive way, and perhaps an easement, and there's only room for one. They still charge you for 2 trees.

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Tree butchers

Someone please go by 412 Frontier Rd, take a photo, and post it here so we can see for ourselves the damage caused by these tree butchers.

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Vandal strikes garden

Paladin-Feel free to give as much of your money away as you'd like. My only statement in regards to that is this.
If Sharla did this herself and is looking for sympathy or money, than you're only encouraging this behavior.

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Vandal strikes garden

Paladin=first con victim

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Vandal strikes garden

OldEnuf2BYurDad-There's plenty of people looking for sympathy out there. And for some, the sympathy alone is what they are searching for. Any chance this women banged up her own plants, told a couple fella plot owners what happened and story got a way from her? Using the best information possible at this moment, I'm leaning towards something along these lines.

I've got a large garden in my yard, Sharla reportedly has this plot and one other. Assume it's of similar size. She's probably spending more than 3 hours a week tending to them. So, either A-She's hurting herself and her recovery efforts by this additional work, or B-She's recovered.

Simple info that should of been included in the article,

What was the extend of the vandalism?
Has any other plot owners reported damage?
What is the best estimate on the time the damaged happened?

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Vandal strikes garden

I know what you're saying Flux. Again, something doesn't sound right with this story. Hers was the only plot vandalized? The plants don't appear to be ruined? She had these great plans for these vegetables that put her in a good light? Doesn't sound right to me. Perhaps an evening walk to check this out with my own eyes.

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Homeless shelter offers block party

This has to be the most absurd idea I've ever heard. Yeah, I'll take my family down to mingle with homeless people. There is no logical excuse for us to attend this function. "Look kids, if you're ever homeless don't worry,you get to have block parties, hang out smoke weed or get drunk during the off days, and then, get plowed by some mentally ill useless bag of crap in the back of a dirty alley. And if you're lucky that bag of crap will knock you up thus increasing your SRS benefits"


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