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City agrees to rename street for Fambrough

I like it! All you objectionists should turn your rath on something important like the state of our economy and the direction our incompetent "leader" is taking us.

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Baker athletes net title trifecta

I'm very happy that our friends to the south are having so much success. Now LJ World, how about recognizing them too and have Baker Sports on the Headline with the other sporting entities, ie, Jayhawks, Haskell, Royals, Chiefs, High School Sports, etc. Baker is just as much in our community as Haskell and the pro sports!

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Gadhafi’s death fitting for defiant dictator

You reap what you sow!

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Former player Howard Engleman truly was KU basketball great

Great story about a great individual who epitomized the majority of former athletes and scholars who attended KU. A quote attributed to Phog Allen, "Good players make good coaches and great players make great coaches". Kansas had a bunch of both. On another note, Kansas had a lot of connections with Baker University. Why does the JW not have Baker University on it's Sports Headline with Jayhawks, Royals, Chiefs, etc. It belongs there.

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All the right pieces: KU women aim for more successful March

No change here this year. Nice picture - represents Kansas University very well - really organized coach!

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Baker football cruises, 31-7

I'm asking the JW why Baker University is not listed on the Sports headline list of teams like Jayhawks, Haskell, Royals, Chiefs, etc. Baker deserves to be listed as it is a great small university and has a long history of sports and sports figures! Come on JW it's a local institution! Put em on the list!

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Letter grades giving way to ‘standards-based’ marks in Lawrence schools

This is really a good idea, just like the open classroom concept all you educators voted for in the 70s! Oops, we had to tear down that school didn't we. Why don't we just have P or F. Well Johnny your in there some where, but Mom and Dad and your potential employer don't know where. You "educators" still haven't got it and that's part of the problem why this country's education system is a mess.

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Baker football picked third

I think Baker University needs to have it's own headline section in sports like Jayhawks, Haskell, Royals, Chiefs, etc. Its a class university and it's sports teams are deserving!

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Brett Ballard discusses transition to Baker

He's a rising star in the coaching profession! Hey JW, why doesn't Baker Univ. Sports have it's own Headline slot in the sports section?

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Services set for Neil Dougherty

Always a class act and a great family!

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