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Editorial: Border battle

Check that, read a 'stub version'.

Full editorial does get around to mentioning Kansas "A" Missouri "C"---in the sixth paragraph of eight.

So eventually, even Sam Brownback does get some credit.

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Editorial: Border battle

Kauffman Foundation gave Kansas an "A" for small business climate and Missouri "C".

Taxes were one reason among many, including regulatory policy and permitting.

So again, Kansas an "A" and Missouri a "C"---taxes one reason among many.

That's not even in this editorial.

So do Kansas officials get credit for beating Missouri in lots of ways?


Instead the whole piece is about how good tax policy isn't enough---even though Kauffman says it helps and that Kansas is getting the other stuff right too.

The extent this paper will go to deny Sam Brownback credit for anything is amazing.

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Capitol Report: Brownback on higher ed, taxes; and KU's well-connected lobbyist

Then why did Rothschild run a front page story in December saying Brownback was recommending an 8% cut to higher ed?

Was that...gasp...wrong?

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Budget containing 4 percent cut to higher education gains preliminary approval

Given that Rothschild reported [falsely] in December that Higher Ed was looking at an eight percent cut, this represents progress for the Regents.

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Ralliers protest policies of Brownback, conservative Republicans in the Legislature

Good to see a pastor presenting at this rally.

From Colonial times, American clergy have been involved in political activism.

Good for him and good for the organizers.

This also means we're done with leftist complaints about such involvement...right?

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Brownback, KU officials hope to draw on free-state history to fight modern-day slavery

The amount of hatred by folks on this board is really amazing.

And that's the word---hatred.

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KU, Brownback joining to hold conference on slavery, human trafficking

For those who bothered to watch, the Governor noted in his State of the State speech that he and Paul Wellstone [D-MN] co-authored the legislation establishing the State Department office combating human trafficking in 1998. This effort builds on more than a decade of work he has done on this subject.

The hatred and ignorance on this board are really distasteful.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget calls for no increase next year in school funding; abolishing mortgage interest tax deduction

Just in, the Governors of Louisiana and Nebraska each unveiled this week their plans for abolishing state income taxes, stating it was necessary to compete.

Markets are remarkable things.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget calls for no increase next year in school funding; abolishing mortgage interest tax deduction

A two-year budget with line-item specifics down to the penny that leaves $450 million cash in the bank every year.

Who complains?

The people who elected a President borrowing $3 billion a day!

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Brownback: Keep state sales tax at current level, cut more income taxes; change judicial selection

(1) Kansas has the tenth lowest unemployment rate in the country.

(2) There has been an increase of more than 20,000 private sector jobs over Brownback's first two years [compared to a LOSS of private sector jobs over the previous DECADE].

(3) Wichita State projects 24,000 more jobs in 2013. That's not people dropping out of the labor force, that's not just our piece of a national trend. That's the fruit of pro-growth policies in Kansas.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled haters of the Governor...

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