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Fix-It Chick: Replace a cast-iron pipe

Having done this professionally for the last 24 years, I would never trust bailing wire to support the weight of a cast iron stack. If you're cutting out a piece of 2" cast on a short horizontal run, sure, go for it. If you think that bailing wire will support 300+ lbs of cast iron, plus the added weight of the lead that is caulking every joint together on a 4" soil stack, you're going to be in for a big surprise. There is a lot of preparation that goes into supporting the weight of a vertical stack before you cut a section out from it, even more so when you're replacing the bottom of the stack, and it goes out 2 or more stories to the roof. I usually try not to get involved in the comments on these articles, and I fully support the D.I.Y. mentality, but this installment is lacking some very crucial info, including the answer to "How in the heck to I get the piece of cast iron that I just cut with a chain cutter out of the stack?" It isn't that easy, folks.

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Papa Keno's is back!!!!!!!! It appears that being under new management has really breathed new life into one of downtown Lawrence's most famous pizza joints. This is the Keno's of bygone days!!!!!!!

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Three arrested in Jefferson County after wide search for stolen truck

I wonder how long it will be before the 3 rat out the other 2? There was a total of 5 thieves before the sirens approached.

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Lawrence residents say goodbye to popular downtown breakfast spot

I hope the coffee and the eggs benedict carry over to the new place. I feel the same kind of loss as I did when the original Drake's Bakery (where the Mad Greek is) closed. I also hope that the new place retains some of the ambiance of Milton's. It was a wonderful atmosphere in which to begin a new day.

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No injuries, but a close call in train derailment near Grantville

I'm in awe over the fact that the child was spared possible fatal injuries by a few feet. Hug that child, and don't let go tonight.

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School building plans reflect modernized instruction

I think that this is great. We all know that the "old" system of classrooms and teaching never produced anyone of any noteworthy intellect. Being forced to pay attention to a teacher at the head of the classroom certainly failed multiple generations of people. People like Bill Gates, and his contemporaries, for example. Why don't we issue every elementary school student an Iphone, and give them their lessons in youtube video and text format?

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Sound Off: Why in warm or hot weather does it always smell like raw sewage between Sixth and Tenness

There's a small pool of stagnant water right behind that brick building near the electrical substation. I'm pretty sure that's where the smell comes from.

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Sound Off: I'm a neighbor near Southwest Middle School, and several nights a week and on Saturdays,

If you're driving, maintain a speed suitable for such a dangerous "nuisance" or condition.....
Don't drive so fast that you're not able to stop if someone appears in front of you.

If you're walking, don't step out into the street to check for traffic. Peer out from safety, and if it's all clear, cross. Sometimes, one might cross the street quickly, adhering to the same rule of the road that says "maintain a speed suitable for current conditions."

The ability to handle one's self in a potentially unsafe situation seems to be declining.

Study, identify, and adapt.

Now that I've been snarky, I'll also say that if traffic isn't obeying the rules of the road, by all means call law enforcement.

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Sound Off: I'm a neighbor near Southwest Middle School, and several nights a week and on Saturdays,

We have officially reached a new level of petty complaining. At least they aren't blocking your driveway. Exercise caution, and cross the street.

Try this one on for size: I live in the Pinckney neighborhood. During K.U. football home games, we experience an influx of traffic that takes up all of the parking on my street, plus, several other streets have their traffic limited to one way travel. We're forced to deal with reduced safety, increased traffic, and an influx of non-locals who root for the wrong team. Who do I contact to have the university's football program shut down, and can the Traffic Safety Commission effectively ban non-local on street parking in my neighborhood during home games?

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Man flown to KU Hospital after vehicle rollover

Any updates? My mom and my 9 yr. old son were on the scene right after it happened, and couldn't leave until Life Flight had loaded him up. We're all curious as to how he's doing. I was told that the truck rolled clear to the bottom of the hill, stringing debris all along it's path.

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