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Group calls for end to 'woo' in Rock Chalk Chant

The moment of eerie silence gives without the woo gives people chills for a reason.

That moment of silence is the power of the Phog. It floats around everywhere.

When I was first taught the Rock Chalk Chant as a little kid, I was taught to listen very very carefully during those short moments of silence in the middle of the chant. If I was very quiet and listened carefully, I could hear the KU greats of the past living on forever.

Try listening carefully next time. You might hear it too.

It's a lot harder to hear them now when everyone is doing the "woooooo" but if you really listen extremely hard and concentrate, you might be able to make out some faint echos from the past.

You might hear Wilt Chamberlain's hand slapping the basketball as he blocks a shot.

You might hear Danny Manning's sneakers squeak as he pivots to shoot his jump hook.

You might hear Larry Brown stamping his foot trying to get his point guard's attention to run a certain play.

You might hear one of Bud Stallworth's shots ripping the cords against Mizery.

You might hear Darnell Valentine poking a ball away as he gets another steal.

You might hear Darnell Jackson thumping his chest after a thunderous dunk.

You might hear Raef LaFrentz grunt as he rips another rebound out of the sky.

That moment of silence, when done properly, is filled with the electricity of the Phog and the echos of KU greats, but only if you are quiet and listen hard enough.

Each time you listen, you might hear a different KU great still playing ball. Pierce, Collison, Lovellette, and all the rest, they all are there in that moment of silence. You never know which one you might hear each time.

That's why you get chills. It's the ghosts and echos from the past living on, still playing ball, still Jayhawks.

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Listen to the power of the Phog, and listen for the past KU greats living on.

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GameDay Cram Session: Florida International

Good stuff guys.A remote from the new facilities or from the hill on a sunny day might allow you to avoid all those expenses you're investing in that magnificent set you have there. :)

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Good as gold

I've been vocal in the past about the LJW not seeking the local perspective often enough.It's only fair that I offer congratulations for offering these interviews. This is exactly the kind of local coverage of a bigger story that Lawrence deserves. I hope this kind of coverage continues. It's really great stuff.Well done Andrew Baker, Gary Bedore, Richard Gwin, Eric Sorrentino.Thank You Bill Lienhard, and Charlie Hoag. Way to bring home the gold, gentlemen.I bet Bill and Charlie could still school most of the internet commenters and message board posters in a game of H.O.R.S.E. ;)

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