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Police break string of high-dollar burglaries, continue to investigate

Wow. I guess analysis has gone out of the news. My high school newspaper would have at least analyzed whether there was any related issues might pertain to this article. Crime is growing out of control. Entire neighborhoods are up in arms and the city council is oblivious. The county attorney is unconcerned. The police department admits that, despite the fact that property crime is rapidly becoming the biggest crime problem in Lawrence, they still feel that school programs and traffic enforcement take priority (That is where they pulled officers from to solve the crimes mentioned).
I wonder what it will take for local government, at any level, to respond to this rapidly growing threat? A few easy fixes: We could fire our county attorney at the next election. We could try and find someone to run for the city council that is more concerned about taking care of current taxpayer, rather than wooing new ones. We could try and find a police chief who thinks officers on the street on foot, on a bicycle, not necessarily in a $50,000 sound-proof car are more important than a new building or an armored car. Finally, we could start a newspaper that exposes government inadequacies to initiate debate rather than regurgitating government news releases.
I have lived in several other college towns and am amazed at the willingness of Lawrence to embrace mediocrity. Really. We could do better

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Thieves entering unlocked garages in rash of burglaries across city, police say

Why wouldn't thieves rob people in Lawrence? The police only want cameras downtown to protect barbershops and bad Bar-B-Q restaurants. Apparently, going out and catching thieves is dangerous enough that running speedtraps right next to recent crime scenes is not only safer, but more lucrative. Where is there any effort to apply technology to prevent property crimes? If we put a tenth of the effort to stop crimes against people and property that we put into parking, traffic and drugs, most petty crime could be eliminated.
Even if a thief were to be caught there is little to worry about. The county attorney freely admits that he has no intention of keeping anyone in jail (see recent commmunity meeting in Lawrence with the lamest prosecutor in America). He seems to feel like robbery is not illegal here in Douglas county or Kansas in general, I am not sure which. For that, we should blame the legislature, I guess.
We are now living in troubled times. The very instituions that were developed to defend us from becoming victims now predominantly arrest people for victimless crimes (going back to your own house after a natural disaster, smoking pot, protesting ineffectual government). People who commit serious crimes are now only in trouble if they did something the government finds offensive during the crime. A criminal that just robbed you will get in much more trouble for the crack or meth in his pocket than for robbing you. I would rather let them have the meth as long as they don't rob me. It shortens their life expectancy. The current crime strategy in Lawrence is such that the best way to stop crime is to wait for the criminals to die of natural causes. Meth helps eradicate crime, in my opinion.
Maybe what we need is a new agency that is appointed neigborhood by neighborhood. There job would only be to defend the citizenry from actual criminals doing nefarious things to their neighbors. Crimnals would then have their pictures on the front of the newpaper and they could spend 3-6 months picking up trash along the highways in a black and white striped jumpsuit and their nights in jail. The police could then be nationalized and made part of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and drugs or FEMA, the only things they seem interested in.
As far as the lame prosecutor is concerned, that would be our fault. He is elected. I would vote for Fidel Castro (and he's almost dead) before our courrent county prosector, but every election the same lame candidate get re-elected. How about we all agree that if local governement is failing, we always vote for the new guy?

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City commissioner wants state to revoke nightclub's liquor license

Closing the competition is the only way Schumm can get anyone to eat his bar-B-que or set foot in the bar next door. This smacks of socialism! I'm pretty sure that if someone gets shot in front of Schumm's place he won't close it. We'll have to wait for the health department to do that. Maybe instead of closing all the businesses that are not downtown, we could try improving the downtown experince by closing Mass street to cars from 8th to 6t street and create a pedestrian area.

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

Interesting. Commentors equate bicycle lanes to tennis. But bike lanes are used by a wide variety of indiviudals from children to the elderly for exercise here and, in the civilized world, for transportation (In places like Iowa and Wisconsin, bike trails actually go somewhere). Tennis is a relatively exclusive game played by a much smaller segment of the population. I would equate it more to golf than bicycling. Oh, thats right, my same tax dollars that subsidize roads and trails also subsidize a golf course. So, we could say we are stupid enough here in Lawrence to provide country club type activities of any kind for small groups of people, or we can say "you want a tennis court? Buy an empty lot on the edge of town and build them. That way the neighbors will know they are there when they build their houses. Don't put lit tennis courts in an old established neighborhood unless the people there want it. You've already given them a substandard football stadium with bad drainage and no parking. A few tennis ights, a skateboard park, some basketball hoops and the neighbors will start move out and then we can start to deal with crack houses and every other misery that comes with blighting a neighborhood. Here's an alternative idea: Instead of lights the people who live there and pay taxes don't want, how about sidewalks or a bike trail that the neighbors probably do want? Or here is another. Knock down that crappy bar-b-que place downtown and use the lot for something that doesn't actually harm the citizenry, like tennis courts.

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Details emerge about agreements between Fritzel entity and KU on Rock Chalk Park project

I just have a really hard time believing that the city ever thought the current financing deal was reasonable. I think this just proves once again that corruption and undue influence of city officials seems quite benign until people find out what it really costs. I am a fervent supporter of the concept of a rec center, but, at this point, have to agree with all the naysayers that the city manger's oversight has completely failed. The only thing that seems to be assured is that the state (read KU athletics), the KU alumni and the citizens of Lawrence are being offered something good (a rec center) in exchange for a deal with the devil (Fritzel). I think we have reached the point where a public vote is needed and, unless a clear and uncomplicated deal can be reached, the rec center needs to be canceled until a responsible city manager is put in place that can ensure that public funds are haphazardly handed out to greedy developers. In local politics corruption really is black and white. First you fix a few speeding tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets, the next thing you know, half the athletics department is in jail and city and KU are selling their future for a rec enter with no oversight. Vote accordingly in the current city election. At the next candidates forum a good question for someone to ask is: WIll you retain Dave Corliss as city manager?

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More twists with recreation center project: KU Endowment now requiring city to pay for land; UPDATE Self's Foundation again planning donation to city

Sounds like I am the last supporter of the rec center that reads the LJ world. Let me just state that I wholeheartedly agree that the city commission couldn't have done a worse job getting the rec center approved and built. But lets blame the commissioners for this and replace them at the next available election rather than scuttling a critically important addition to Lawrence. The biggest health problem facing the US and coming faster than we are ready for in our children is obesity and lethargy. Anything we can do to encourage some form of athletics is crucial. A rec center will do just that. If it gets a dozen kids to be more active and prevents them from developing adult-onset diabetes and all the other complications of being fat and lazy, then it is worth it. I expect it to do even more to promote health. If it does, It will actually save money in the long run. Clearly, the financial arrangements need to be carefully scrutinized and, if somebody is screwing the city, lets throw them in jail. But, lets not punish the children and young adults of Lawrence for the impompetence of the City commission or the greed of local developers.

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Suspect in custody after Lawrence couple confronts burglar

I bet he moved here to avoid long (15month) prison sentences like they give in Shawnee county. He will likely be out and about in a week or two with our county attorney. The only crimes punished in Douglas county are potsmoking and bad check writing. Minor criminal offenses like breaking into someone's home in the middle of the night while they are present barely rise to the level of criminal activity in Lawrence. The police barely even show up to investigate (though they did get this guy) and, when they do catch them its seems to be a lot like catch and release trout fishing with our current couinty attorney. Vote accordingly.

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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

This accident is further proof of why its better to commit murder than assault. That way, the only side of the story told is yours. I have a really hard time believing that a cyclist could move fast enough to get hit after turning left at say 8-10mph. He would then need to get in front of an SUV that is going straight after just stopping at an intersection, moving at say 10-15mph. LPD probably doesn't want to investigate the likelihood that the entire story is BS and the bicyle was going straight at, say 15-20mph and Mr. Minnesota blew through the stop sign as many of the locals here do. Then again, I believe its a right of passage to mow down a biker or two when you attend KU, isn't it? Certainly happens enough. Cars run stop signs and get nothing but a ticket. A biker runs a stop sign and gets dead. I'm pretty sure Darwin's law of survival of the fittest applies here. It means that if you either ride a bicycle or believe in evolution you should get the hell out of Kansas. If you live somewhere else, your neighbors will know that killing their neighbor's is bad. understand that riding a bicycle is not worthy of the death penalty, and will treat you with respect. Surprisingly enough, in many states, running over a bicyclist is considered a crime. That seems unlikely to happen here.

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Kansas man dies after police use Taser on him

Yeah, I'm with cheeseburger. Lets have the police kill their victims with a taser so that we don't have to deal with people getting all pissed off at people getting shot in the back with guns when running away. I just wonder how many people need to get killed before this toy for the thugs in uniform finally gets found out to be as lethal as it is. The one good thing about tasers is that they generally get used on the fat, drunken rednecks that are so enamored with police as a global force for good. So, despite it being doubted in Kansas, the Taser is further proof of Darwin's law of evolution. Unfortunately, just as in New York where the police recently shot 8 bystanders with 15 bullets to subdue one guy, many innocent people will get tazed and die before enough rednecks get killed to alter the gene pool enough to pass some legislation to outlaw this lethal "nonlethal" method of violence.

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Letter to the Editor: More hazards

If seniors are well-traveled, they will have been to more progressive cities like Cedar Rapids, Iowa or Minot, North Dakota or any of about 500 other cities and towns where there are bike lanes, bike trails, sidewalks for people to actually go for a walk on. They have shopping malls so seniors can wak inside in inclement weather. Cars and rednecks do not rule the roads. Police charge and prosecutors prosecute vehicular homicides rather giving them $50.00 tickets. I'm pretty sure that you'll have a hell of a time convincing a senior to move here from almost anywhere else unless they are already ready for a rest home. Lawrence has plenty of those and they are likely the same all over. This is a town for that fat, lazy, provincial youth of Kansas. I'm thinking Des Moines, Iowa or Tulsa, Ok to retire. They have all that walking/biking stuff too.

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