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Employee at Sprint retailer arrested for allegedly stealing $5K in phones

No, it is not a 3rd party store; it is the only authorized Sprint retailer here in town.

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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

I don't understand how she could have hidden evidence of drugs/dealing drugs. The surveyors from the health department are very thorough and you don't know when they are coming for your renewal.

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Dad tries to cut BB from son's skull with knife

too funny!

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Highly anticipated opening of new Dillons set for Sunday

I went to the Grand Opening...whew! Too many cars trying to park. The lot is much smaller than I thought it would be. But I am so glad it it open again; what a pain in the butt going clear over to 23rd street! One thing I noticed tho, is that the amenities are way too fancy for all of us "poor folk on the East side"! Hahaha

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Lawrence woman charged with aggravated child endangerment

You don't really know the situation; it is not a felony by any means. Poor judgement on her part, for having the kid drive on the highway, but certainly not aggravated!

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City sides with residents who say 12th and Haskell Recycling Center violates zoning laws

Oh wait a minute! I have a fabulous idea!! Let's move the recycling place out by the jail so the homeless people with their new shelter won't have to go so far!

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City sides with residents who say 12th and Haskell Recycling Center violates zoning laws

Wow! I was astounded when I read this article! That neighborhood over there is scary; junk in all the yards, including dangerous stuff everywhere. The scrapyard cleaned it up really well when there was an issue regarding the cars being recycled with gas tanks, etc. Have the "powers that be" even bothered to go over there and look at it??

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June 12th Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

And don't forget the infamous 911 call to report someone panhandling! A true Lawrence emergency! LOL

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26-year-old Lawrence man arrested, accused of committing sex crime against a minor

How did a 14 yr old getting rape turn into something political? Shame on you!!

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