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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

The Tuner Gill hire makes me want to be a KU fan, but the negative comments here make me ashamed to be associated with a big part of the fan base.

Everyone who thinks KU can do better clearly knows very little about college football outside of Lawrence. The big names you think we should get aren't even interested in the KU job. But they will be after Gill's been here a while. He will no doubt help to engineer a badly needed upgrade in the KU football culture. Whatever else you think about the allegations against Mangino, a coach who acts like a jerk around town and gets kicked out of his kid's football game won't be able to build a lasting culture that will consistently attract top recruits. One Orange Bowl win does not make KU a top program or a coveted job.

I'm glad other comments here and on other stories show that there are enough well-informed college football fans in town to make this worth following.

Gill's inheriting a depleted program, so all of you who have no perspective will be calling for his head for a few years. But make no mistake, Gill will no doubt make the program a serious contender and help educate a big part of the fan base that sorely needs it.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

KU will be lucky to have Gill. Those who think he's not a big enough name have an absurdly inflated sense of KU football's prominence. The 2007 "break out" season was a fluke. KU played the weakest conference schedule in recent memory, failed to even make the Big 12 championship game, and snagged an Orange Bowl bid Missouri clearly deserved. KU's program will continue to improve under Gill, but the thought that we can do better show's an embarassing lack of perspective on the program.

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