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Teacher loss

Where are you getting that information? Colorado is looking at cutting 200 million from Public Schools and it's 49th in funding post-secondary education. As a teacher in the Jefferson County schools, I took a 3% pay cut this year and they need to cut another 70 million from the budget for next year. Colorado is a mess.

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Schools smack down on rivals through rock, paper, scissors

Mr. Deiser, the PE teacher at South Jr. High, competed in the National Rock, Paper, Sissors championship last year. It makes sense that LHS would win. Deiser has been training 'em for years.

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Chat about the World Series of Pop Culture with Eric Melin and J.D. Warnock

BOOOOOOO Jump around..... Jump around....Jump up and Jump around.... It was the only answer I knew all night. So sad, so Sad.... I still never eat a pig..because, well, you know.....

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That's a mouthful: American eats way to hot dog title

It's news if you know the history of competive eating. For 6 years, the Japanese have dominated the field. This is the first "American" to even come close. USA will once again be the greatest country in the world! (at least in competive eating)

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Burned by 'Borat'


According to the Movie, Kazakhstan is 50th in the world for sense of humor. That's why Borat comes to America.

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