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It's not about anger, that's what will be missed at Waky! It's about the nurturing, I don't expect New York Lilly to understand! If you want to add fuel to something go fuel up your moped!

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Coming to you live it's Dr. Doll as New York Lilly!

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First Bell: Full-day K decision expected in April; junior from Lecompton a finalist in science competition; Idaho lawmakers trading teachers for technology?

Proper values southwest will now drop since Wakarusa is being sacrificed to give full day kindergarten but yet east and a little south land is worth... Yep you guessed it $23,000 an acre!

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Lawrence school board members vote to close Wakarusa Valley School

Dr. Doll stated that he hand selected and placed everyone of those who served on the task force in place and was very proud of the choices he made, read into this as you will. Along with two members of the school board on the committee to make sure the group stays on course and so Morgan can out of the blue one night say basically I am seeing there is a concensus to close Wakarusa Valley which was obviously some preconceived idea that came from outside of this meeting. FYI last night you spoke of chess at a local school and got very excited and I see why! Checkmate pawns in place you have achieved your goal, had to wait a year but achieved! All the while collecting pieces first a principal with principles forced to resign for being supportive of his school, students and families in the public eye, then an outstanding librarian and numerous talented staff. Your the expert Dr. where did your children go to school?

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Lawrence school board members vote to close Wakarusa Valley School

Who sold the land for $23,000 an acre? Surely a stand-up patron of the community would be willing to purchase the land back for the same price? After all he cut the school board such a great deal....right? But he has probably left the country after that sale! It's not like he was on the task force.....right?

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Lawrence school board members vote to close Wakarusa Valley School

Children's best interest?
We will need more than mopeds to save our children! Rural school not such a bad idea?

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Which four candidates will be elected to the Lawrence School Board?

SONS- Save Own Neighborhood Schools?

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Easy solution?

I'm sure they make the best decisions based on the instructions from the great Dr. who put the people in place on the task force and whatever plea bargain SONS cut by serving up Waky! Which I still don't understand how you build a panel to inform those serving on the school board made up of people from the school board? Oh just curious has there been a recuse yet? Only reason I did not run for school board is because of my vested interest in Waky Commons.

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Wrong approach

Elementary children are going to be on packed school buses with older children getting an education on things they shouldn't until later in life!

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Consensus building on closure, consolidations for Lawrence schools

So, Mr. Dunlap what are you basing your plethora of knowledge you have "now" all of a sudden gained? It must be easy for some who has not been in communication with our community to make a statement of little research! What's your connection? You can't be that ignorant!

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