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Leawood man convicted in explosion of stolen Jayhawk statue

That was one of my favorite Jayhawks. I hope he can be replaced. I love the novelty of these babies sitting around different places, as to say Hi and welcome. He has got to be one messed up kid. He belongs in some other country where they like strapping bombs on themselves and blowing themselves up. Sorry for the loss could of been a lot worse.

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Shrinking property valuations bad news for county budget

Who's paying the taxes now on all these foreclosed homes we have all over town? I will answer that myself, it's me, and my neighbor, and everybody else that has sustained this economy so far. This stinks!!! I can't wait to move out!!!

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Setting the stage: Clever tips will draw attention to your home for sale

When I sell, I don't want to make any more than I gave for it in 1964. I shouldn't have any trouble in selling it.

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Sheriff says father in Scranton, Kan., killed children, self

Very sad story indeed. My sympathy to the families involved. I just can't imagine her coming upon this scene if nobody was with her. OMG.

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Driver given 26 years for killing 2 highway workers on US 59

My sympathy still goes out to the family and my prayers are with them that this does ease the pain some. I am a big believer as to "what goes around comes around" and may she get hers in prison. Inmates can be rough.

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Vote for McCain

You got it!!! Douglas County Sucks!!! They both are politicians and playing it well. I will say McCain did fight for me and so did Dole. I say, Thank You!!!

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Pedestrian injured in Friday night accident dies

How terrible!!! My sympathy to the family. I used to walk everywhere in this town before driving. No more!!!

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Got a leaky faucet? Put an end to the drip

Thank you for the info. I do have a couple drips in my house. one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Now I can look forward to fixing them this weekend.

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Who won the presidential debate Wednesday night?

I have yet to hear what they both stand for. All the mudslinging on these commercials just doesn't get it for me, and that is my opinion and I will stand by that.

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Police receive report of another cat mutilation

If you think your cat needs to go out for some exercise put them on a leash and walk them. This is horrible what is happening. What a warped person or persons.

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