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Police write 18 citations in patrol for underage drinking in Lawrence

@xfitter - I hate to be "that guy" because I agree with most of what you have said, but in your final sentence, "You're an idiot, go read you're bible". You seem to lose touch on correct grammar. "You're" is actually "you are" therefore you are telling the "idiot, go read you are bible". I feel much better now.

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K-State's Curtis Kelly to sit out 6 total games for NCAA infraction

As per the NCAA guidelines for penalties, 10% or 3 games for recieving gifts totaling up to $300, 20% or 6 games for gifts totaling up to $600. So pullen probably just got a pair of shoes since he is obsesed with collecting them while Kelly put together an outfit for going out.

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Douglas County judge rules father of Jason Wren cannot seek punitive damages from KU fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon

TheWhirl and cheeseburger you should be ashamed of yourself for passing judgment on an issue you have little information on. Jay is seeking damages in order to create more awareness to the problem that is STILL just as prevelant as it was last april. The SAE house has always been known for excessive parties and having an open door policy towards drinking. The SAE housing board Pres doesn't want to ban alcohol on the property because that is the main recruiting tool they have. The house itself wouldn't exsist without the housing authority keeping it afloat financially. Less than 5 years ago they had about 13 members living in the house and the members did their best to uphold the Sleep And Eat SAE nickname. I think it is a travesty that this situation has lead to subsequent suicides and all that is left to fight for is to change the cycle of blatant disregard to laws and safety guidelines. To propose that a grieving father would exploit the situation to financially benefit is a disgusting notion that only a monster could conjure.

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Jayhawks to play four Big Monday games

Actually if you read the 60 page report that was released by the Internal KU investigation, it says that Morningstar was part of the ticket brokering and included in the reasoning for the initial investigation time period of 2002-2003 games/post season tickets. He name has also be linked to Freeman by business associate that together built cheaply/quickly houses while subcontracting to poor skilled and under licensed individuals. Freeman has sang like a bird about his corrupt affiliations with Morningstar and about his best friend that he ratted on, Rodney Jones. Although you should never trust a criminal and two time felon, you should listen when the birdy is singing to get less jail time. Freeman talked about benefits given to players and jobs/living accommodations provided to their parents. These accusations are nothing new to anyone who pays attention or listens well enough. I've heard stories about vacant apartments owned by the Biggest Developer in town that is open for use to entice new players with alcohol and lady parties. This happens everywhere and it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone with sense. Michael Beasley's mom was given a nice place to stay for free and a cushy $50,000 a year job as a office assistant, the Morris twin's mother must have learned what her kids were worth and insisted the exact same offer because that is what the rumor wind blows. Our patron saint dare I talk bad against thee St. Mario was lured to KU from icy Alaska by a family package. His father was offered a job on KU's BB staff in a position that didn't exist before the family moved from icy Anchorage to not so icy Lawrence. Did we all forget about the sexual assault accusations in an elevator against Sheron during the months leading up to the 2008 National champ tourney? What about Sheron's numerous failure to appears that were excused by saying he thought he had "people" to take care of that. I love KU but we need to learn from our mistakes and get rid of Lew before he sits as a lame duck for the next 14 months until he collects Millions in retention bonuses and retirement packages!

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Same ol’ Stuckey: NFL trappings haven’t changed safety

I have met and worked along side Darrell on several occasions and I am always impressed by how much of an outstanding representative as a KU student athlete that he was. This guy was born and raised to love the Jayhawks and will succeed in no matter what he chooses to do after an amazing football career. The one confusing factor in all of this was how outspoken and supportive Darrell was to Coach Mangina. Meier and Stuckey both stuck by their Coach and emphasized the support of the system. I know for a fact that Mangino ruled with fear and motivated with desecration of Individuality. These two brilliant football players some how turned out better and didn't turn away from this Snyder created football coaching style. All this still dumbfounds me to this day and I doubt I will ever know why they relentlessly supported a egotistical arrogant A--hole.

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Wellness campus plans draw healthy interest

one eye wilbur, while you make a few interesting and factual points, the piece of land directly East of Bella Serra is a wildlife reserve...therefore it is supposed to be overgrown and filled with vegetation!

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Wellness campus plans draw healthy interest

***Sorry this was to be attached to comment above!http://www.lawrenceks.org/web_based_agendas/2008/10-21-08/10-21-08h/fai_notice_pub_hearing_waterline_improvements_bbcbd.html

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Wellness campus plans draw healthy interest

This article just wreaks of yellow journalism! It is so sad but true what cait48 has said about needing a Child Services intervention. It should come as no surprise by now for anyone who pays attention to the exchanges of property around this town. The bait and switch gimmic has been used many times by numerous developers around town, most recently out at 6th and folks with talk about a Lowes just down the street from the dangerous zebras house. From womanizing playboy real estate slum lords to wannabe hotel Czars along with a poor media impersonation of William Randolph Hearst empire. These local businessmen frequently take advatange of having City Commissioners in their back pocket. It was only a matter of time before the School Board would get in on the action. Everyone learned how to get-in while the gettin's good after seeing what happened with the KU ticket scandle. If you don't think that Lawrence pays for the infrastructure that directly benefits the rich developers, just look at who paid 30% of the cost to build the Bauer Brook area for the good ole boys Compton and David Freeman.

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2 hurt in separate fights

You can take the hood out of the name but you can't take the hood out of the area. Felony Hoods (colony woods) back in full action!

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Marcus Morris bruises back; Robinson suffers broken nose in camp game

Just when I thought everyone was getting strong and healthy in the off-season, we're falling apart. Even worse is that we are beating up on each other! First Selby, now this, the scrubs might get more minutes than expected early in the season.

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