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Statehouse Live: Brownback administration directs state agencies to propose 10 percent cuts

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August 16, 2012 at 5:41 p.m. ( )

Statehouse Live: Brownback administration directs state agencies to propose 10 percent cuts

It's a free country "WristTwister." For now at least. Go put on your Brownie suit raise your arm.

"Seig Heil Mein Fuhrer Brownback."

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Brownback tax cut law produces winners and losers, KU tax law professor says

Probably better put more money into a larger state highway system to accommodate the massive influx of people moving to Kansas.

This may turn into the biggest debacle in Kansas history.

What a huge gamble on the part of Brownback.

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Kansas officials sort through new district lines

49 other states get the lines drawn: The Kansas legislature however, can't get it done. Turn the state over to the judges so we can restore order and produce a few months of sanity.

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Kansas prepping for another evolution debate

Kansas rides again!! ....a vigorous effort to once again regain its status as the dumbest state in union.

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City, school district considering lights for Free State High School's tennis courts

I play on the LHS courts. They are great. I don't see any significant cracks other than the usual concrete wear. I also don't care if you light them.

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Teacher pay increase offer much lower than requested

Busing for student over 2.5 miles from school is mandated and reimbursed by the state Merrill. Wait for it......................................they have to do it bonehead. It's the law Ding Dong. They haven't provided bussing for families under the 2.5 threshold for years. And, the busing contract is always bid. Request the board minutes for the last bidding process. God Man....do your homework and show some degree of intelligence before making these claims. What a nimrod you are.

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Research group says Brownback's business tax cut will produce problems

Our boy Sammy is just getting started. Wait until he succeeds in rousting the moderates. Then the "real" revolution will start. In the end, Sam's ideas will fail. Unfortunately, a once robust and moderate State will be badly injured. "Sammy the Koch" will slink into solitude, forever blaming someone else. A loser who cares only about himself and his wealthy benefactors.

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Analysis: Kansas governor owns aggressive tax cuts

Brownback's statement a year from now:

"The tax cuts have worked. We have made significant gains in creating new private sector jobs. We will continue to make gains as the tax cuts sink in and the Kansas economy grows. This will take time. Presently, we are experiencing a fiscal deficient due to the excessive size of government and its associated bureaucracy. We will need to trim the size of government in order to reduce the deficit and to allow our job producing tax cuts to have their full impact. Public education and other social service agencies will need to learn to live within their means. Cuts will be made."

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