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Editorial: Service failure

How shocking!

Brownback cuts back state government until it fails to serve the people. Gee....didn't see this one coming. But wait, as they say..."the best is yet to come." Or, in this case, the worst is yet to come.

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Efficiency task force to call for review of collective bargaining laws

"Does Mr. Brownsack know that teachers vote? He keeps alienating more segments of our society...oh yeah baby.....you know what I mean."

I don't thing King Brownback is worried about losing the teacher vote.

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Brownback, senators refused to help Topeka school district in grant application for federal funds

Moran, Roberts and Brownback: Career politicians driven by ambition with no regard for the people they serve....especially minority kids. Mr. Brownback who pretends to despise government handouts, personally accepts over $48 K in farm subsidies. Moran, a one-time Kansas moderate would now sell his soul to maintain his US Senate status. And Roberts, a nobody on the national scene, who has never had an original thought, just wants to skate to his pension. These guys have done nothing for the good people of Kansas.

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Obama wins re-election

Wait for it..............oops ....The President wins the popular vote too....

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Administration drops one-third of people on waiting list for physical disability services

I tried to contact Brownback. I received no response. Can I take him off the list of governors?

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Editorial: Waning wind

You have to be either an idiot or a complete idiot to not understand the forces at work here.
I suspect "drill baby drill" is the song blown in the wind.

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Eudora mayor endorses Holland, criticizes Brown

Brown is not bright nor does he have any sense of what real communication is about. He only communicates with his brethren. However, on a positive note, I have heard him say that he talks to God on a regular basis to receive advice and guidance on the issues. God has a conservative disposition in case you were wondering. They're tight. Real buds. Apparently they don't discuss highways. Oh, and he hates Lawrence.....Brown that is. He says the rest of State thinks Lawrence is a joke and they laugh at Lawrence America. I think God is still OK with Lawrence. We don't talk that often so I'm not sure. Let's ask Brown.

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Bond issue

I'll vote yes on this bond. Just like I did on the last one. The improvements made were long overdue, especially the athletic venues which are fantastic and good for Lawrence kids.

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Group criticizes Lawrence school district over open records request

Here we go again. David the "right wing" lackey for the Koch boys goes after a public school for "hiding" information. Never mind the fact that his real boss, our rich and privileged Gov. Brownback holds secret meetings at his mansion to craft his agenda out of public sight. You see, the rules are different for these guys. There are no rules for them. They talk to God and feel they are the chosen ones. The end justifies the means for the privileged.

So, here we go again. The Koch's come after Lawrence once again. These guys will come after your schools, your money, and your sex life before people wise up. Put on your Brownshirt and Swastika David.....we know who you really are. The world has seen your kind before.

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Average ACT score for Lawrence students lower this year

Are you serious? Are teachers suppose to teach a particular content and then test on something never taught? Does a coach prepare his team by practicing particular plays and strategy all week and then run plays never practiced in the game. They scout the other team and prepare accordingly. Just like the military prepares for certain battles and KU prepares for KSU....they practice within the context of expectations and anticipate the tendencies of the adversary. I've never seen the standardized tests published before given to students. There are ACT Prep courses that prepare students for format and question design. There are also prep studies for the LSAT and MCAT. Your statement is sadly uninformed and naive Consumer.

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