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Former KU athletics consultant Tom Blubaugh sentenced to 46 months in federal prison for role in ticket scam

Reread the article....it clearly states what the Blubaughs owe the IRS and other articles listed the IRS debt right down to the penny from each defendant. They only back to KAI what the value of the tickets were, not what they made on them. They are also required to forfeit any purchases they made with the money they acquired from the scam.

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Former KU athletics fundraiser Rodney Jones sentenced to 46 months in federal prison

Wilbur, you asked that question as if there was only one such situation....

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Former KU athletics fundraiser Rodney Jones sentenced to 46 months in federal prison

While employed at KAI, he often would take a group of pretty young ladies to lunch and when asked about it, he said "Lew told me to take them out and buy them lunch".....hmmmm

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Former manager of KU athletics ticket office Kassie Liebsch sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

If you go back and look at the exhibits, Sean Lester (supervised the business office) and Susan Wachter (chief financial officer) signed off on the invoices to pay Blubaugh. One would surely think that Lew knew who and why people were getting paid for whatever service they were providing to athletics. He was negligent and incompetent as a director regardless of how much praise he gets for contributions made during his tenure.

As for the crooks.....all of them were pompous, arrogant individuals whose daily demeanor was that of self entitlement (wonder where they learned that??). Kassie was one of Rodney's groupies from the outset and hung with the 'in crowd' and looked down her nose at all the staff who she thought were beneath her......wonder if she is now thinking perhaps she was hanging with the wrong crowd?

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Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries sentenced to two years probation, must repay thousands of dollars in KU ticket scandal

They both received 56 ADDITIONAL season tickets above the 2 they were supposed to receive as staff. This went on I believe for 2 years. There are documents...actual receipts, from the broker who bought them for a total of almost $200,000!!! That is why the restitution costs are what they are. They didn't just know what was going on, they were profitting from the tickets as well.

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Tonganoxie police shoot armed man, Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office investigating

When did the police start using shotguns?

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Big-time blowout: Mario Little sparks KU basketball's rout over rival Missouri

If you would check, baseball players weren't exactly small........perhaps they should have found a woman who wasn't already in a relationship (or two). Wonder how you Mario bashers would react in the same situation... Don't condone his behavior in this situation, but no one was hurt (except their feelings) and he moved on and so should you.

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Newly hired athletic director Sheahon Zenger and former athletic director Lew Perkins talk in the co

Expression on Sheahon's face is priceless!

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Charlette Blubaugh pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in KU ticket scandal

Don't believe that 'keyboard-Kojaks' are trying to implicate Compton or Lungstrum in the ticket scam. Compton has plenty of money and Lungstrum just was getting some pretty fine benefits from being Lew's friend and helping Lew's daughter. I think the red flag is Lew circling himself with people in every walk of life that could benefit him in most any situation if needed. It just still seems odd that all this was going on right under his nose and he didn't suspect a thing! AND, for 5 years! Really? The Ron Olin hire a few weeks before he retires still puzzles many.

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Tom Blubaugh pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in KU ticket scandal case

Articles keep saying he was a consultant from 2007-2010. Look at the exhibits and see that his first invoice to athletics was Sept 2004. Why does this keep being overlooked? In the beginning, invoices were sent to 'athletics' and then after a few years, they were sent to Ben Kirkland.

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