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Where should Obama eat in Lawrence? The people weigh in

Moscow, KS does not have much in eateries these days.
But I am sure they would be honored to host a sitting President for lunch.

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Editorial: Mental health effort

The Gov cut 10 M last year from mental health services. It is sick that it took the massacre at Sandy Hook for him to take a look back at mental health services in Kansas. Really sick. So we get to tell the clients/patients that 20 children and 6 adults gave their lives for your treatment according to the Gospel of Sam Brownback? Sick

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Mental health advocates applaud Brownback initiative, want more details

So Mr. Brownback has restored the $10 M he cut to mental health services from the last budget go round . That takes the mental health service back to maybe breaking even. It is tragic that 26 had to die to get the Gov. to restore what he cut. It is deplorable that he thinks this is such a victory. It is truly disgusting because of the true cost which made the gov change his mind. Nothing based on need in Kansas --no his decision was made for him by angels from Connecticut. Why would the governor ever believe Kansans who actually work in the profession . Go ahead mental health supporters--praise the gov. for restoring his cuts. I find it appalling .

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House debates whether to commission study on whether to sell KU Hospital

Well might as well sell the whole state ---go for it larryguy40 go out there and run a back hoe. Sell the state, sell it to Sand Ridge--they will be sure he has a backhoe at his convenience and maybe a first aid station. Maybe

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Brownback pushes for tax cuts during panel discussion in New York

Might have been more important for the Governor to have been in Kansas meeting with Sec. Vilsack, Sen. Roberts and Rep. Jenkins making sure he knows what to do to NOT LOSE NBAF which is a lot more important to this kansan than his trips to other states. If Kansas loses NBAF we know exactly who to thank ----Gov. Sam Brownback.

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