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Letter: Fair share

What's fair about some people paying federal taxes and some paying nothing at all yet enjoy the same benefits?

Are the paying customers keeping the desperately poor, poor?

"The good to individuals of accumulating wealth is obvious, but the social good often goes unrecognized. Put simply, progress requires capital. Major new undertakings, from hydropower dams to spaceships, to new medical devices and treatments, require huge amounts of capital. If you're not willing to extract that capital from the population via the coercion of taxes, i.e., steal it, you need wealth to accumulate in private hands to pay for these things. In other words, if the world is going to improve, we need huge pools of capital, intelligently invested. We need as many "obscenely" rich people as possible."

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Letter: Fair share

It would be nice if everyone paid their fair share. Heck. It would be nice if everyone paid something at all.

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Letter: Change needed

I agree with Mary Anne. She sets a perfect example. I might add to her informative ideas. People should not manufacture IEDs around children.

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