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Do you think the Supreme Court should decide the gay marriage issue?

If our country were a theocracy, this would be a valid argument. This particular passage was written to Roman believers in Jesus and is generally considered to apply to all Christians. I am a Christian and do not anticipate changing my stance on the moral rightness of the issue.

However, because of the privileges that marriage now brings in our society, we are effectively discriminating against gays because they disagree with us and this is not right. We are saying you cannot have the same benefits, tax breaks, and other governmental recognition that we do because you do not follow God's teaching. What a sad situation.

I hope you'll go and read the description of God in 1 John.

Follow that with some critical thought on what could happen to this country if we continue to condone religious rule. What happens when, at some point, Christians aren't in the majority?

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Ex-mail carrier admits not delivering Kansas mail

Observant, It's a federal offense to damage the federal property of mail boxes. It's also a federal offense to tamper with mail or to insert mail or any other item in the box that isn't officially marked by (or with the permission of) the USPS. The federal government is protecting it's interest in it's government operation of mail delivery.

However, the strongest proof that it isn't a private enterprise is that if it weren't a government operation, it wouldn't take an hour of standing in line to send something. A private business that wants to make money would make things efficient and customer friendly because they wouldn't want to lose out on revenue from disappointed customers. The USPS is a monopoly run by our government and doesn't care. If it were private, it would have been put out of business long ago.

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This 'needs to be in Lawrence': Famous painting of Quantrill's Raid goes on sale for $30,000

As technology has advanced so that almost all books are available in digital form, we are building a several million dollar library expansion. I'm sure there is some wiggle room in that frivolous budget to buy this for both library patrons to look at as they go and check out books while their Kindle is off for repair.

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Sound Off: Does the city have a light ordinance that would prohibit someone from having an outdoor l

Our neighbors literally installed a dozen of them...on poles almost 20' high

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Sound Off: Does the city have a light ordinance that would prohibit someone from having an outdoor l

The ordinance says that residents are not allowed to have glaring lights, not that others are required to have curtains. Furthermore, we have light blocking blinds and curtains and our neighbor's lights still manage to shine through until the early hours in the morning.

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Brownback administration lays off Kansas Arts Commission employees

not spending money on non-essential things = non-cultured. It's rightly called common sense

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City playing waiting game with new treatment plant

I just feel bad for the developers who have to wait. Lower returns on millions of dollars could be costly. Let's speed up our tax and fee increases for them.

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Creative cuts: Lawrence artists stand to lose thousands of dollars in Brownback's proposed budget

"Art is your culture and it's what your community will be known and remembered for, and if your arts scene is as vibrant as Lawrence's is, it brings far more money into the community than it costs. Kansas has a bad enough tourism problem as it is. Cutting the arts will only make it worse. The only people going to Kansas will be the people in a hurry to get across it."

Great point. Then we wouldn't have things like wooden constructions on the corner downtown with little smiley faces made out of typed characters. That would truly make Lawrence boring. I bet a ton of people come to Lawrence for subsidized dance classes and to see that red thing filled with rocks at the end of Mass Street.

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Creative cuts: Lawrence artists stand to lose thousands of dollars in Brownback's proposed budget

Actually, it makes sense to say the state should be out of the arts businesses, even in consideration that the state invests in other businesses. The economy is down and the budget is tight, which means we don't have the excess to spend on non-critical or non-revenue producing areas. Of course, you'll say the arts are critical, but not in balancing a budget and keeping the government running during a poor economic period.

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Dozens of Lawrence property owners have already received tickets for not shoveling sidewalks

Interesting that you would find the time and take the effort to haul water to the sidewalk and then invest the time distributing the water on the very walk that passes by your residence, but you can't seem to shovel it.

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