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My favorite place to pick up extra parts on the fly... If you are getting keys copied though, do be careful. I would not hold the blame to cottins for bad key copies. Different key manufactures for the same key blanks will have different backstops on the bottom of the key blank which would throw off any copies you have made. Just make sure and check your key cuts before you leave because sometimes they need to eyeball the key to be cut for proper spacing instead of using the machine. Same goes for most hardware stores though, unless somebody knows better.

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Jason Randall: I had an issue where my keys were locked in my tru...

Hey I appreciate the review. If it happens again, just let me know and I have a free service call for you. I'm pretty sure you were at campus gym in the parking lot there if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, take care and thanks for voicing your opinion Jason.

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alumnus: I called about 8:25pm and talked to him about my k...

Sorry, about the inconvenience. Ended up slicing myself open and put the call to the side. I will always have the lowest rates in town. Even $45.00 at 8.25 Pm which is half the normal rate of everyone else. If you are still locked out alumnus or need assistance in the future. Just give me a heads-up and I will give you a $20.00 Service Call to make up for my mishap. Sorry again, but please keep in mind people this is a one man show that might occasionally be preoccupied or have a bad fluke. That is how i offer the best prices in town. Sorry folks.

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Offbeat Occupations: A lock on the locked-out market

First of all let me introduce myself. I am Jon Georgeson the owner of 247 Locksmith. I'll start by replying to the intoxication responsibility comment. First of all when I am completely aware someone is under the influence of some substance. I firmly state to them that they are not allowed to leave with the vehicle or never hand them the keys. I also inform them that they must pay me for my service and I leave the keys in the car with the door left unlocked. After I drive away I can not take responsibility for their actions that were in course from way earlier in the night.

Also as far as the insurance and license. If you did your home work, neither of those are required in the state of Kansas for a locksmith. Even though they do look great, I just have not got around to registering or testing for either. I am required to pay taxes and represent my business as a sole proprietorship though, which I have taken care of already.

As far as what happens when work is damaged. I can proudly say I do not rush through jobs and have had one simple mishap scratch on a tinted window that I replaced the tint on in my years as a locksmith. I also pay for the damage expenses incurred by my business while on a job site. So my customers have nothing to worry about. Unless they have problems getting half the normal price rates, faster service times, and quality service.

I currently rekey cylinders, install hardware, and unlock hardware. I do this all locally from Lawrence and I am proud to be a locksmith. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and the comments. Also sorry that my drunk statements didn't have enough room to be filled in to detail during the interview ... it was more of a joking gesture to the fact that my business does better on nights that people are out and about having a good time. Influenced by a substance or not...

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