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Proposed budget would reduce free parking downtown, limit funding for retiree marketing

Not reading the LJW anymore online......don't want to answer personal questions to see content!!!!!!!!!!!!! this sucks!!!!!

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Do you feel differently about Lance Armstrong now that he's been stripped of his titles because of doping allegations?

Why do people have such strong opinions and post them when they really haven't educated themselves on the topic. Whether it's Lance or a local event such as a motor vehicle accident, everyone seems to know what happened even when they have no idea what they're talking about. Lance has failed tests.....this information has been out for close to a decade. What a bunch of sheep just bleating the PR crap shoved down their cake holes. Thanks for reminding me that I'm wasting my time reading this........... going for a ride now..........

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Residents asked to conserve water as drought persists

Three points.....1- why is city watering Constant Park grass (appears to be new sprinkler system) when asking people to conserve? 2- The city makes revenue from the water dept. 3- I believe the earlier comment about grass dying can often be incorrect in this area.....fescue (commonly used lawn type here) goes dormant in heat and actually is stressed more from watering in current conditions.

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