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Top shots: A look at Bill Self’s best shooting guards

J.R. Giddens, are you serious. Other that being a "slasher" I'm not sure he did anything at KU.

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City wins $1.2 million grant to restore Santa Fe depot

Objections from neighbors to improving a building and increasing its use so it won't sit there and rot?

Once again, the east Lawrence residents crying about stuff because they hate progress. I've been abound here since the 60's and they don't change. The same contrarian attitude.

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Day 4: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

You are correct. I was long against legalization of weed, but I have changed my mind seeing all the resources wasted (nice pun) on enforcement. Those same resources spent on enforcement for meth or synthetic drug sales would be much more wise.

Does weed screw up people's lives sometimes? yes. So does alcohol.

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Long-term plan suggests toll lanes on K-10 corridor

Elitism at its best. Raise gas taxes too, poor people can walk or pile onto overcrowded busses like they do in the Philippines. As a former raving liberal that has sit and listened to these people for years, I can let you know that the academic elite in this country are a bigger threat than the Russian, Chinese and Islamic extremists combined. And the academic elite are both liberal and conservative. They are alike believing that they know what is best for you and that they will provide you with what you need.

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City planners recommending denial of proposed Menard's store; Planning Commission to debate project Monday

Price Banks did a good job. I may not have agreed with every planning decision, but at least there was planning. Today it is 100% reactive and there is no plan. Shame on the City for its collective incompetence.

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City planners recommending denial of proposed Menard's store; Planning Commission to debate project Monday

What kind of planning is going on in Lawrence. There is a market for a home improvement store of this size and there is only one location in the city where it could located and that location is on far west 6th Street?

That isn't planning at all, it is more of the same crap that this city had been subject to for years. Terrible, incompetent planning. The planners in this city worship sprawl and do whatever they can to encourage it.

The proposed location is good because it is near Home Depot so people can make one trip to the area and get that part of their shopping done. And if South Iowa is so bad, why not North or East Lawrence?

The planners are encouraging westward sprawl.

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Baker Wetlands burn

I have been to the Baker wetlands and they are OK. But the truth remains that they are not natural and clean or not were not similar in the 1800's. Smoke and mirrors. Still I have no problem with keeping them around.

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Republican budget writers propose 4 percent across-the-board cut to higher education

Full disclosure: I have a degree from KU. I am not employed in education. I am a Republican.

The single most important aspect of good economic development is a well educated work force. This includes, Universities, community colleges and trade schools. To reduce the funding of State schools is idiotic. It exactly the opposite of what this State needs. The current group of Republicans in this state are destroying it. Starting with the governor, they are short sighted, ignorant and have no plan for moving forward. There are examples of colleges in nearby states that are finding ways to create incentives for out of state students to be brought in at favorable tuition rates in an effort to encourage relocation to the region. In Kansas, we chase them away.

In the past few years, I have spent a lot of time in California where they have a terrible governor and legislature. Democrats that are running the State into the ground. Kansas is the example of the Republicans doing the exact same thing.

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City's Public Incentives Review Committee to consider Rock Chalk Park property tax abatement today; member raises questions about city's analysis

I would be much more willing to buy Chestnut's argument if he, and others like him were consistent. If it is truly going to be that the City only will pay for what pays for itself then don't ever invest in parks and don't pave streets or plow snow in the older parts of town as often because they don't pay as much property tax. And if cost-benefit is the only standard then stop spending money on homeless issues unless you can prove that the cost of the services are balanced out by reduced law enforcement costs. That all sounds crazy, but why is there a different standard.

Chestnut is grandstanding. Regardless of whether the sports village is a good idea or not, we need Commissioners that are more focused on making the community better than they are assuaging their ego and worshiping idealism.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

Hey genius, how did that brilliant Duke offense work in the game they lost by 27? It is common to have a dry stretch during a season and anyone that has followed this team must know that the PG position was weak this year.

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