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Was the food you ate in school healthy?

I went to Lawrence schools in the late 60's and through the 70's and the food in the schools was excellent. Fresh baked desserts a Chef's Salad choice in middle school and high school. High School was good, but I especially remember South Jr. High, almost restaurant quality.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

The support of this poor example disappoints me. You absolutely have the right to free speech, but to think that there isn't a price for that free speech from time to time is idiotic. The other very disappointing response is that some are admitting they are KU grads, supporting this professor and hanging their entire argument on the first amendment. Didn't you learn more at KU? I did. The truth is that most of the supporters are anti-gun just like the professor and they support limiting the extent of the second amendment. With this response you would think that I am a NRA fan. I'm not. I support more regulation, assault weapon limits and background checks. But I'm also open minded enough to know that the Naval Yard, Sandy Hook, Columbine and so on are never going to be stopped by gun regulation. It is moronic to blame these mass murders on guns. The blame is on sick people who, if they didn't have a gun would find another way to murder people just like the Boston Marathon murders did.

If this professor was a Geology professor, maybe he gets a reprimand. But as a Journalism professor it is impossible for him to train future journalists to be unbiased with such poor judgement. He should be fired. I'm sure that he will be a hero to the far left liberal elite and will land a higher paying job at some university that is intent on brainwashing students. But that isn't what KU should be. And to be consistent. A professor that tweeted that the Occupy Wall Street people should die should be fired also.

Please keep KU as a school that teaches education not political philosophy.

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Letter: Wetlands not ‘vacant’

Comparing the Baker Wetlands in any way to national parks and forests is either disingenuous or naive. They are, at best, average quality wetlands. They aren't sacred either. The anti-development lobby in Lawrence has been lying about this area for years. What they are is nice open space that has been for decades the storm drain outlet for Lawrence. I actually like the area and hope that the construction of the SLT will result in better filtering of drainage before it hits the area so it actually will be free of crap. Environmentalists need to make wiser choices about what they push to save at all costs and what they compromise on to create a better environmental outcome. If done correctly, the SLT could improve and area that has been neglected since I first walked it more than 40 years ago.

I have always been very skeptical about the pro-development establishment in Lawrence and its desire to progress in a positive and sensitive way. But one thing that I have learned through the years is that the anti-development, "so-called" environmentalist, establishment is just as damaging and just as dishonest.

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Opinion: Just think about Ted Cruz for a minute

Come on, it is OK to be racist if you're on the left. I'm not much of a Ted Cruz fan, but I find the opposition to him on the left to be offensive. It is very similar to the opposition to Sarah Palin or any African-American conservative. The left believes that the own every person in these categories. Embarrassing.

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Letter: Guns in church

There is better evidence than 'thou shall not kill." When Jesus was captured by the soldiers prior to his death, Peter took a sword and cut off the ear of a man named Malcus. Jesus response was NOT "Great job Peter." It was to heal the mans ear and request peace rather than violence. Paul, the apostle was stoned and left for dead because of his belief and he didn't take a weapon for his protection. There is not one Bible scripture to indicate that carrying a weapon to a place of worship is a good idea.

I've been going to church twice a week for over 50 years and been in many Bible studies; in groups ranging from 15 to hundreds. I have never seen one occasion where any type of self defense was ever needed.

You can be pro-gun and anti taking guns to church.

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Letter: Guns in church

Well, I just hope that Moises does an adequate amount of jail time for his "accident."

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Letter: Guns in church

I am 100% pro gun and a life long church attender. My opinion: guns in church is shameful, it is a place that they are not appropriate.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Psalms 20:7

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City to consider banning couches on porches

This is an embarrassingly stupid idea. If you move the same sofa inside, is it less of a hazard?

The behavior of some of the government leaders in the city is shameful. So only the rich that can afford quality outdoor furniture are exempted. Great job elitists.

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City Commission approves Rock Chalk Park

It was approved by a vote of the people. The US was set up as a representative democracy. Citizens elect and the representative votes. If the citizens don't like it, they vote someone out of office. Direct democracy sounds great on paper, but it reality has significant flaws; it is quite easy to sway public opinion on single issues and the public as a whole is rarely adequately educated on complicated issues. I am quite sure that the founding fathers knew what they were doing when they set in motion a county as a representative democracy.

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Redesigning Eisenhower Memorial could cost $17M

Having seen Gehry's work up close in downtown LA and hearing him speak, I am convinced that he is the wrong person to be involved in anything Eisenhower. President Eisenhower was a humble, well qualified man that understood the power of simple. Gehry has none of those qualities. HIs creations are all monuments to himself. They should fire him.

I suggest that they go back and hire Eugene Daub. He has done numerous memorials that glorify those being remembered not the artist. His WWII sculptures near the Midway museum in San Diego are fantastic. He is also the artist that designed the Lewis and Clark monument in KC (at Quality Hill), Rosa Parks statue in DC and many more.

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