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No one should hope president fails

Surprisingly, for the past several years the Republicans have embraced Rush Limbaugh as well as Shawn Hannity as their leading spokesmen. Ironically, Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity are not journalists, they are not political sciencetist, they are not economists; neither one has ever earned a degree (in anything) at a college or university. Prior to their stumbling into radio they were both transient odd-job buffoons. Limbaugh and Hannity are disgustingly shallow, prententous and dangerous peddlers of misinformation on the airwaves. They are self-absorbed shills for the corporate-controlled Republican party. Fortunately, in 2008 the voting majority of US citizens were not hood-winked by corporate Republican hucksters.

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Pet groomer charged with piercing kittens

It is much more human to eat them,yummy, kitty taste like chicken.

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Apartments add challenges for transit route specialists

It's unfortunate that the local banks, builders and real estate syndicate colluded with the state legislature and KU officials to prevent the building of adequate on campus dormitories during the past 30 years. Regular dormitories would have elimated the shoddy, cheaply built, fire-trap apartment complexes, rental houses and run-down neighborhoods that plague this town.

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Do you think KU is a good educational value?

In today's society a college degree is a must have, but at the same time it is an incredibly overrated credential and many times it is completely unnecessary.Consider the various jobs you've had, the companies you've worked at, the managers and executives you've known. Can you really conclude that a college degree was actually necessary. In most companies and in most circumstances a "degreeless" person could work, manage and succeed as well as a degreed person. In other words, a "degreeless" person can ruin General Motors, Citibank and AIG as well as any executive with a college degree.

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How to choose a doctor

How about turning the question around.Q.) How do doctors choose patients?A.) First, immediately eliminate patients that don't have insurance. Let those worthless rogues die. Second, prioritize patients based on the highest possible insurance reimbursement. Third, select those patients that you can issue a presciption drug from a pharmeucitical company that gives you free gifts, club memberships, trips and vacations for pushing their products. Finally, don't see patients with anything too serious as they may delay your tee time.

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Greed has taken a beating during economic crisis

Godot,Your statement reveals shallowness. Regardless of your current age, you probable put on a persona of a self-made, rugged individualist. However, in reality you rely on assistance and aid from parents and family. Your statement suggests that you have no moral compass. You embrace the unethical and illegal acts of the white collar criminals and felonious athletes that you admire.

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Rescue gladdens Lawrence car dealers

Q. How can you tell if a car dealer / car salesman is lying?

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Needless expense

The entire LHS campus is an urban debacle. It's a small, confined area that has been made worse by continual bad planning and bad implementation of insane "improvement" projects. The school board, city government and a few construction companies should be investigated for collusion.

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How do you think the KU men's basketball team will do this year?

R_I:Your prediction is compelling. The latest College Ready Athletes for Prison (CRAP) poll suggests that they have the potential for two arrests, but will not achieve it. Also, they will attain a one-player-one-game suspension, but not an entire season suspension. CRAP also predicts multiple dishonorable mentions and skipped class citations....after all, there is a tradition to up-hold.

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Raised in Kansas: Why I voted for Obama

The current economic-political-social circumstances prove that Republicans, the big business Republicans like GWB, are corrupt, disrespectful and narrow minded people. They are responsible for Watergate, Iran-Contra, the Savings and Loan scandals, unparalleled corporate corruption, invading sovereign countries and now they caused the worst economic collapse in history. As far as McCain is concerned; he has not accomplished anything on his own merit and has repeatedly revealed character flaws from a young age until now. His grandfather and father "gave" him an appointment to the Naval Academy, he was unfaithful to his wife, while in his forties he abandoned his first wife and son (while still married to her) for a rich privileged beauty queen in her twenties, he tried to pervert the course of justice against Charles Keating during the S&L scandals, his wife's money bought him a political career.That is why I (a middle-aged white man) voted for Obama.

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