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Wrong solution

Enough of the "free market" rhetoric. If anything, the last eight years of Republican free market corruption proves that the free market is controlled by greedy, rich, corrupt people....many are corporate owned physicians.

Their single concern is personal enrichment regardless of cost to patients and society.

How about if doctors lower exhorbitant fees and stop the cozy kick-backs from pharma companies.

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Biased view

all together now,
"I am woman, hear me roar..."

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Setting boundaries

In many cases, the screaming kids are not the problem; irresponsible parents are the problem.

Those parents blame others for their circumstances. They say, "my child can't function because the school, because the state, because the government does not provide for their child."

In many cases, their child can't function in society because they were too irresponsible to correct misconduct when their child was young.

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Fraternity reports members’ tires slashed

Most of the thieving Wall Street bankers, dishonest CEO's and corrupt politicians are former frat-boys. See all the good they do.

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Pet awareness

It's all a matter of perspective. Many cultures outside the United States also love their dogs...stewed, steamed, fried and barbequed...

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What is your most embarrassing cell phone moment?

Hey labmonkey,I was thinking the exact same thing....too funny.

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Real estate market looking up

'LivedinLawrence4Life' is a builder or real estate agent. If not, then is acting as a shill for one.

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To the cleaners

There are "prominent" citizens that own some of those laundry dives around town...as well as the more distgusting fast food franchises, flea-bag hotels, rip-off car washes, dirty & high priced convenient store/gas stations, too.

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The Ice Cream Brass Knuckle Sandwich and Pushy Shovey

Please forgive me as I am not as insightful as 'justbegintowrite'. There may be a literary genius behind those brain drippings. So, write on, indeed, Donnuts, write on. I shall remediate myself to the intellectual genre of Homer Simpson and Eric Cartman, then matriculate to your intricate, schizophrenic authorship. :)

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The Ice Cream Brass Knuckle Sandwich and Pushy Shovey

Perhaps, you fancy yourself as a witful story teller. However, as an apparent college educated man your writing is astonishingly deficient. This "piece" does not measure up to poor writing by a student in elementary school.

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