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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

Gosh, who could ever have foreseen this. Stay away for this, city leaders!!!!!!!

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Color Run

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Audit finds problems in Kansas Department of Commerce handling of economic development programs

Geez, this kind of reminds me of what is happening at the federal level ......only with a logrithemic multiplier and under a democratic administration. Forget Brownback or Obama, government is incompetent and, as has been shown at the federal level, corrupt. Smaller and less government!

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Kansas faces looming teacher shortage

Recruit from conservative states.

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Proposal: $6 million rural water plant near Lawrence

Great idea. City of Lawrence has been raping rural water customers for many years. Hope they can pull it off.

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Opinion: ‘The Butler’ delivers ‘The Truth’

I enjoyed the movie. I cried and I felt the pain and sorrow and so did most in the movie theater I was in. But what really struck me was the ending of the movie. We have arrived at a point where we have a black president! The air went out of the room in the theater, there was no applause, no cheering, just dead silence as we simultaneously realized who this black president is, the kind of job he has been doing, how underprepared he is, how badly we have been duped, and what a disappointment he has been in so many ways.

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Opinion: Distrust of government is growing

......and fourth, those governing need to be subject to the same laws as those being governed.

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Special police detail seeks to curb dangerous behavior among college students

And to which countries might these young drunks emigrate to so as to enjoy a better and more just quality of life? Of the 60 plus I have been to, I can't think of one.

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House Democratic Leader Davis forms gubernatorial campaign committee

Forty one responses so far for Davis for governor=his total support.

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