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Las Vegas searching for "high risk" runaway possibly spotted in Lawrence

I believe I saw this girl. I live near the Holiday Inn. The other day my daughter and I saw a young lady (teenager) walking and she was holding a tiny brown and white dog. Maybe it was her, and maybe it wasn't. I hope she is located before something happens to her.

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New idea for LHS press box floated

It appears they have already given the potential contractor an idea of what they are willing to pay. They should get bids before opening there mouth.

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Commission wants to locate schools for blind and deaf on same campus to save money

While in nursing school I had the opportunity to do clinicals for 3 days at the Kansas State School for the Blind in Kansas City. I think what they do is wonderful. I saw many things being done by the blind students that umbled and amazed me. The knowledge, love, concern, and abilty of the staff is wonderful.

I do not understand why someone would make a joke about the blind or the deaf.

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Medicare Part D to increase slightly

A hot subject. My dad is 77 years old. He retired last Dec. when he was 76. He worked hard all his life, starting at the very early age of 9. His retirement is around $1200 a month. He chose to continue his healthcare insurance when he retired. His premiums for insurance are $700 per month. Yes, he has medicare part D and he pays the small premium for that. I am glad something is being given back to him after working almost 70 years of his life. So, let me say that you "barkers" who continually find negativity with this subject, get a ..............ng.....life.

I am proud of my dad. Apparently some of you were born with a silver spoon sticking out of your oz, and therefore it doesn't affect you. Oh, my dad was never rich, but he and the family were happy. He scraped by all his life without all the riches. His house is paid for, has been for 30 years. Our elderly set examples for us to follow, but that trend is changing. In today's society we have the new thinkers who forget where they come from.

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Honest debate?

Where's Marion?

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Respect for life

What he hell did he say?

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Civil discourse

Right on Merrill ! Keep posting. The word needs to get out.

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Not all lifestyle


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Jaeger found guilty on three of four charges

I will hold my excitement until after sentencing. With the reduced charges (convictions) his time will probably be minimal.

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Graham Bailey: Cost is the central problem

Poor Graham Bailey is worried about his job and his bonuses.

Merrill, I read many of your posts on here and I must say I disagree with a lot of them, but this time I am in there with you. Also, I appreciate your copy and paste practice. I second the comment made by working_momma. Thanks for the information and the links..

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