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If you could write a book, what would it be about?

I once set out to write a historical novel about how many Frenchmen it would take to defend their country from foreign invaders. I ran into several dead ends before I realized that no data exists because they have never tried it.

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Tiahrt, town hall crowd criticize plan for health care reform

Just 1dering, where does Merrill work that he has time to write and post massive manuscripts on so many articles?

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Border fence vital to security

I wonder why Agnostick's comments are always longer than the article he is ranting about.

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Bee crisis could boost food prices

I wonder how many of the farmers who are renting bees are also using pesticides on their crops?

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Jaeger bonds out of jail

Vaginal mutilation? Seems like I've heard of a religion that practices that procedure on their females. Maybe he wanted to marry her and was just preparing her to be worthy of such an honor. That would make it all just a misunderstanding.

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Do you think Al Gore deserves to win a Nobel Prize?

Guys, you need to go easy on livingstone. Reading over the many, many, many posts made by the stone on this thread it is obvious that English is its 4th or 5th language. It is also a very lonely stone with unlimited time to post and repost the same gibberish. Any possible point it tries to make is lost due to its lack of verbal communication skills.

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Do you think Al Gore deserves to win a Nobel Prize?

It's medication time, say AH livingstone.

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Do you think Al Gore deserves to win a Nobel Prize?

I also see that you can't call the former Vice President or former President by a proper name or title - I guess you are like bearded and hate America.

beatrice, you regularly refer to the President as Bush and other forms of his name without using his proper name or title, do you hate America?

just 1dering

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Driver who challenged authority of state found guilty

a "peace officer" would have taken stock of the "situation", and the philosophical intricacies therein, issued the lady a warning for the listed violations, and seen her on down "her road":

You're kidding, right tmkatt? No license, no current registration. Do you really know a peace officer that would have done that? If so, please share the name, he/she has no business wearing a uniform. IF she had been sent on her way and then killed someone, or even her family or herself, it is the officer that would have been responsible.

The court was extremely gentle with her and I have no problem with it's verdict. But to make this woman and her Sovereign into victims of the world or some kind of heroes is absurd.

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Theologian says Christian churches should be leading the charge for homosexual rights

Didn't Hubbard claim that we are descendants of aliens? Or maybe only some of us are? As you can tell, I don't know much about Scientology. So would that mean there are no homosexual aliens/Scientologists AND no homosexual Iranians? Just 1dering.

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