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Accident report blames semi driver for deadly 23rd Street motorcycle accident

Aw come people! Keep insisting they fix that intersection and we'll have the biggest d** round-a-bout this town has seen!

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Man arrested in case of missing Texas teen found in Lawrence

shirinisb...?I'm just curious, how is it you know where all these run-a-way foster children are? Are you their case worker?

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Obama trip abroad reveals innocence

I still see Obama being asked a question that he had no idea how to answer so he walked away and what was it "sweetie" or "honey" he called a female reporter? Giving the impression that he was above her, and could not be bothered by her question?And now his visit to the Middle East? Green? I like green! Does Obama know the color of the uniform of the US military?

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Police chief's saggy pants policy stands

Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. It just depends on what language you're speaking and whether or not your expression is breaking the law. The ACLU has just about ran the gamet of causes to take on.

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T-shirt turmoil: 'Barack Chalk Jayhawk' T-shirt never should have been allowed, KU says

Rock Chalk my taxes! We should all declare illegal status so that we can all attend KU free!

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Lawmakers praise Medicare override

I have some questions. What does this mean for us? How does it affect those of us who are not on Medicare?

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Sick leave

I have a friend who works for a well know company that pays an additional amount per hour to each employee because the hourly rate is below what the federal government stipulates. However, the company turns around and takes that money back for sick time, vacation and insurance benefits that they offer to each employee. The state Medicaid program has better health insurance benefits! The employee is forced to enroll into their overpriced health insurance. The only option that is given is if they have health insurance through a spouse and even with the proof they stilll have to fight with the company not to take the insurance. About a year ago the company started "farming" out the administration of these benefits. Now, if you have a problem and need to contact someone to straighten it out you are given a phone number to call and you get a call center, in lord knows where, and you get to talk to someone where your conversation starts to take on the feel of the game show, "Are you smarter than a fifth grader."This is a high profile company in the Lawrence area that is in charge of a hugh amount of government contracts.

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Jury finds for KU in Joe-College lawsuit

Joe college went about it all wrong. He should have hung a #2 pencil on every hanger with a sign that read, "Buy a pencil for $10.00 get a shirt for free!" After all KU only went after him becuase he was making money on the shirts, if your giving the stuff away they can't bitch!

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Jury finds for KU in Joe-College lawsuit

"Phogfan86"?Sounds to me that the "Phog" part of that is in reference to the University right there! You never know......you might be the next one sitting across from the table from KU!

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Obama not doing NASCAR sponsorship

Does anyone honestly think that Obama would even consider leaving his "elistist" status to lend his name to Nascar? I'm still trying to make up my mind about Obama. I have a problem with him always looking down his nose at people. I've not seen one broadcast about him where he is looking level at anyone. He always seems to have his chin pointed up which takes on the appearance of looking down his nose.Has anyone else noticed this?

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