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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

The Brownback administration can let us know in a year and again in another year how this program is doing. How many were tested, the results, the treatment, and how this experiment worked out. If we can believe the Browback statistics in the future we will learn just how cost effective this is and just how effective the program is at finding and treating applicants with drug problems.

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Undercover task force cites 17 businesses for selling alcohol to minors

"No one cares."

Not exactly, but too many do not care. That IS major problem in the legislature, THEY DON'T CARE about the people of Kansas. The focus has been on corporations and profits.

Simple. Alcohol should not be sold to minors. Not only is that the law, but it is the right thing to do. Underage drinking and especially heavy drinking is not good.

You think it is ok to sell to minors because they will get it anyway. At what age do you and the "fine establishments" draw the line? 17, 16, 14. i see no "moral high horse" here only trying to look out for our minors. Our minors are better off sober than drunk. H, our legislators are better off sober than drunk. We all would be better off.

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Lawmakers reject new alcohol regulations

Everyone knows Guns and Alcohol don't mix. Drinking and driving don't mix and someone please tell the legislature -- drinking and legislation don't mix either.

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House, Senate send bill to Brownback that would make KDOT secretary in charge of operating turnpike

Complete control is what the right wing Kansas republican bunch is all about. Remember those incumbent former state senators who were purged last year?

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House, Senate send bill to Brownback that would make KDOT secretary in charge of operating turnpike

"I personally don't appreciate being asked to be the hatchet person,"

Laura many state employees are being hatcheted and the Gov will not be asking anyone, including you. Just watch what continues to happen after you all leave town in May.

And Les many "crown jewels" of Kansas will be trampled beneath this Gov's administration.

Solving problems which don't exist is common. It is called AN AGENDA and it is not good government.

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House tax leader says no to Senate-approved bill to cut Earned Income Tax Credit

Thank you Rep Carlson for backing away from bad legislation. Yes, this is controversial.
Finally someone who refuses to punish the working poor. Thank you Sister Bangert and thanks to the Senator who dared to say "I am the working poor."

Jeff king you are an embarrassment to humanity.

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Brownback wants to keep higher state sales tax; Democrats say that proves his income tax policy isn't working

Yep, the ultimate solution is in the hands of the voters.

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Senate approves bill to put KDOT secretary in charge of Kansas Turnpike Authority

Appears Les did not get the memo from the Governor? Yes, Les it is a sad day in the Senate. And I thought there was only one waterboy in the Senate. There are 25 waterboys in the Senate. Careful Les, you know what happens when Senators don't vote the way the Gov wants them to vote.

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Democrats say tax cuts are tax shifts

In case you did not notice the article is not about Obamacare. Don't want to talk about Sam?

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Democrats say tax cuts are tax shifts

You continue to change the subject from Browback and state taxes to Obama. The article is about the Brownback policies.

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