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Revenue secretary says tax cuts are working

You write "All of you pathetic people..." None of the posters are pathetic people. Where do you get that? And how do you know what they "think." No one posting suggested the rich stole from someone else. No one mentioned Bernie Madoff or others of his caliber. None of the posters above suggested the Koch brothers stole oil from Native Americans or overcharged the public. No poster is suggesting the government "punish" the rich or "confiscate" their wealth. You make up the arguements, then disagree with them all the while no one stated the allegations.

I do say the well off should pay their fair share, a higher per cent in taxes than their secretaries. I am including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the category of rich and wealthy. Both would agree they can pay their fair share. Those with income above $110,000.00 can afford to pay social security taxes on their income above $110,000.00 per year just as those with incomes under $110,000.00 pay social security taxes on their income. I think it very unfair of you to label those who you disagree with as "pathetic." Project much?

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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

It will be interesting to see when hundreds of disabled make their way to the halls of the capitol next Wednesday if the administration and the legislature hears them or ignores them.

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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

Not so quick pepee,

The election is not determined by how many people show up at a statehouse rally. People do not vote at a rally.The election is not until November, 2014. It ain't over, til it's over.The people of Kansas have their say on election day.

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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

i was there. i would estimate 200 to 250 there depending on how many were standing behind me. i counted over 50 just a few feet to my right. Personally, i believe if 10,000 Kansans were there this administration would pay no attention. This administration represents the corporations and their lobbyists, not the people.

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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

No one has to take Rothchild's word for it. If you were there you know how many attended. Obvious the reporter did not count the number attending. He just picked a number. Actually he greatly underestimated the number who attended.

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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

Guess is right. You were not there, so you do not have any idea. And you do not know how many were there.

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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

Unions have NOT outlived their usefulness. Your use of he word "thugs" is to demonize public employees. Kansas public employees, our teachers, law enforecement, fire protection, correctional officers, mental health workers, and public servants are NOT thugs. There are no "thugs" in public worplaces. Public employees have grievance procedures. A public employee can choose to use that procedure and other avenues. If you are a state employee using the grievance procedure, "the decider," as W would say, may end up being the Governor or his appointee. If your efforts do not correct the problem the employee has many options, such as turning to the union for counsel, seeking legal advice, turning to the media, turning to the public, or appealing to a court . And yes, the employee can seek other employment and some public employees do just that each year.Public employee unions do provide a beneift to the taxpayer. Public employees ARE taxpayers.They pay a very high sales tax, property taxes, income taxes, and a variety of fees (taxes) to support government. Keep in mind management (goverment) doesn't always have all the answers. Unions provide a balance.Unions are NOT a mechanism for under performing employees to stay on the job. In my decades of experience it has been the political appointees who are often the under performing public employees and their days are always numbered. It is these political hacks who do eventually what underperforming public employees do, they move on seeking employment elsewhere. .Unions simply seek due process.Just like there is due process in our court system there should be due process in the workplace.
Union protect our freedoms. Unions protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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U.S. Attorney General Holder tells Brownback new gun law is unconstitutional

The Governor took an oath to uphold the US Constitution.

After taking that oath the Governor stated:

"An oath required by and pledging fealty to our Constitution, for ours is a government of laws, not men."

How about upholding the US Constitution rather than signing bills which violate the US Constitution?

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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

"Drug addiction is a scourge in Kansas. This is a horrific thing that hits so many people," Brownback said. "What this effort is about is an attempt to get ahead of it. And instead of ignoring the problem, is to start treating the problem."

Testing could start in January, 2014. We will see after a year and after a second year if this experiment is successful after spending over 1 MILLION DOLLARS in this effort of which about 1/4 million is for new staff, 1/4 million for training, 1/2 million for computer programing at est $90 per hour. Testing estimated to cost $50 per test. No increase in treatment costs expected though 3 months treatment will cost. We just don't know how much or how successful treatment will be. And savings are expected in 2015 due to recipients temporarily or permanently ineligible due to positive tests or criminal drug convictions.
It remains to be seen how successful the Gov and the legislature will be in this wildcating adventure. Sort of like drilling for oil and we will see how many dry holes the program comes up with. The wildcat investment is well over 1 MILLION DOLLARS in FY2014 less in future years. Lets find out how "horrific" a problem we have in the TANF program and how success the Gov is in "treating the problem." Stay tuned in 2015 for the results.

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