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Kansas labor chief says governor fired her

I wonder if they security "walk her out" like they did the veteran KDOT employees (as if they were some kind of threat) and everyone else who gets 15 seconds of notice and is not allowed to return for their personal belongings without making an appointment.

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Town Talk: Happy Birthday, Lawrence, and where's my piece of cake?; KDOT to cut ribbon on U.S. 59, but opening still slated for early October; KU Endowment weighs in on rec center partnership

If KUEA and the city have half a brain in their heads, they'll keep that bunch from Treanor Architects as FAR away from this thing as possible ...

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First Bell: Stories in the works this week; more funding doesn't equal better test scores?

Alex -
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you weren't told to characterize watchdog as an "independent news site," the most laughably inaccurate assertion possible. They are a Koch funded mouthpiece and are about as "independent" as Rupert Mudoch's Fixed News Network. Next time please check into the shadowy backgrounds of these think tanks and fake media organizations that keep springing up with carefully concocted political half-truths based only on carefully selected and eagerly spun data BEFORE you characterize them as "Independent" or even as a "news site." Very poor journalism on your part. You get a C- here, and I'm being charitable.

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Brownback aide says DA confirms Kan. gov's view of meetings

Sherriene Jones-Sontag knows as much about the law as a three-toed sloth.

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KU’s Diamond Dixon, relay team advance

The skillful and tacticial way she ran the final 150 meters, blowing past the Russians, should have clinched her inclusion for today's final -- not to mention her actual time.

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Statehouse Live: KDOT announces plan to cut 40 positions

Nice to see so many pliant tools on here celebrating the loss of 40 jobs and a very stressful time for 40 families. I guess when they are spoon fed the right-wing dogma in their church pews these days, the part about Christian charity must be nuanced such that the concept need not be applicable to the subhumans affiliated with the evil public sector.

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Lt. Gov. Colyer says Republicans may use budget reconciliation to overturn federal health care law

Out of curiosity, how exactly does the GOP think they can pull off "an effective nullification" of the federal law even if they pick up 4 Senate seats and then use the reconciliation process as an end run around a potential filibuster? Obama would certainly veto any repealer they sent him, and they'd not have the necessary two-thirds majorities in both chambers to override.

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Camper action

Yes, dude, the government should indeed take action to assure that anyone who disagrees with you politically is taken "away" as an unsightly and disgusting mess. Interesting how far-rightistas are libertarians and want the public sector out of everyone's lives, unless of course it serves as their pliant tool to punish perceived political enemies.

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Iowa man arrested after running from Franklin County authorities following accident

Abandoning the vehicle and fleeing police on foot: always a smart play. Unless it's a stolen car, how exactly are they not going to run your tags and throw the book at you, even if you manage to outrun them in your drunken stupor?

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Mass. Street to close on Saturday if KU wins

Hey, genius: KU isn't looking past anyone. The police chief is doing his job and anticipating a potential problem under a certain scenario and informing his bosses at the city of his need to close downtown streets if that scenario develops. But continue to be a hater and fantasize about how this is somehow related to Bill Self and the Jayhawks preparations for the games in New Orleans. Too bad the misery tigers and ksuck wildcats are no longer playing and their programs are in total states of disarray. To which one of those little brother fanbases do you belong?

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